Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ninja Turtles Squeeze Pop

With all the hype around products from our youth coming back to your local grocery store shelves, I feel one amazing product has been overlooked. Yes, I absolutely love that Ecto Cooler is coming back. It's crazy that Crystal Pepsi may be returning this summer and we all freaked out when Fruity Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute joined their buddies in the cereal aisle. But, the one thing I miss that I wish would come back is....
the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Squeeze Lollipop! These came out around the same time as the movie The Secret of the Ooze (1991) and they were amazing! I remember buying these at the local KB Toys and treating them like it was the last thing I had to eat. Little by little I would squeeze just enough Ooze out to get my sugar fix, but leave enough so I could enjoy it for weeks. The only problem was that if you didn't eat it fast enough and left the cap on for a few days, the Ooze under the cap would get crusty and almost glue the top on. The taste was amazing and only referred to as "Fruit" on the packaging. Since it was green, gooey and gross, it was the perfect candy for a 10 year old boy.

The only place I could find any info/pics of this product was on the great site The Sewer Den. I can't believe with all the retro blogs out there, not more people are reminiscing about this unusual but tasty Ninja Turtle licensed candy? I have been trying to track down a tube of this stuff, but they are hard to find. If you're lucky, one will pop up on ebay. The only problem is they cost about 100 times their value. The last one I saw was listed at the bargain basement price of $59.99! You can view the listing HERE.
I have found a similar product in the form of the "Hubba Bubba Watermelon Squeeze Pop". But, just like the Ecto Cooler/Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen debate, it's just not the same without the beloved characters on the package. With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows coming to theaters, this would be the perfect time to reintroduce this product. Unfortunately, I feel this is another memorable food that is lost forever :(


  1. I have this tube of candy going to put on ebay

  2. Yikes! I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to be more of a green color and that color means it's gone rotten.

    I had this as a kid when I went to visit my grandmother in NY; brings back memories. I had hoped there was a similar alternative under a different name now.

    1. Closest thing I could find was the Hubba Bubba Watermelon Squeeze Pop. It's not bad, but totally not the same.