Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pop Culture Challenge: Red State/Blue State

Happy Election day! This week the Pop Culture League was tasked with snapping a red or blue themed photo. Here is what I came up with to celebrate this great day in America!
Red vs. Blue Battle Royale! Which side wins?
Blue Side: Captain America, Skeletor, Smooth Smurf, Army Ant Heave-Ho, Leonardo and Blue Trunk Bumble Boxer.
In this brawl for the ages the Blue team has the advantages of evil cheap shots with Skeletor on the team and skill, leadership and discipline with Ninjitsu Master Leo and hard hitting Bumble Boxer. The wild cards on this side are Smooth Smurf and Heave-Ho. They have the heart, but the size is an issue!
Red Side: Spider-Man, Cheetara, Super Mario, Raphael and Gizmo in Santa Hat.
The Red team has the brilliant speed of Cheetara, the flame throwing, Goomba stomping powers of Super Mario and the reckless savagery of Raphael. Once again the wild card here is Gizmo because of the size issue. But spray some water on this guy or feed him after midnight and you have a formidable opponent.
Mr. Men Fight For Freedom! Mr. Strong vs. Mr. Bump!
You may think Mr. Strong has the advantage here, but Mr. Bump can take quite a beating. I could see this fight lasting a long time with Mr. Bump pulling off a "Rope-A-Dope" on Mr. Strong. Wearing him down until he exhausts himself. Mr. Bump arrives victorious!
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  1. Oh boy Skeletor vs Cheetara! This should be a good one! I really need a vintage Cheetara :/

  2. very nicely done. No cap Vs Iron Man? or is that too on the nose?

    1. Didn't have an Iron-Man, so replaced him with Spidey :(

  3. brother v brother? Say it ain't so! I know Raph always had a diff of opinion but this? lol

  4. Replies
    1. I actually borrowed those from my son for this picture :)