Monday, July 17, 2017

What is going on here?

This has to be the worst Baseball card photo of all time! I mean seriously, what is going on here? This is Andre "Awesome" Dawson! One of the best sluggers of the 80s, a hall of famer and an all-time great. Why did Classic choose this picture out of all the shots I'm sure they had? Why are Dawson's legs so oddly posed? Is he really taking a fastball to the head? What happened after this shot, did a fight break out? So Many Questions!
My theory is that Dawson approached the plate and in a moment of both cockiness and craziness he decided to perform the Funky Chicken dance to insult the pitcher. Earlier in the game the pitcher, let's say it was Bret Saberhagen, threw a curve ball that Dawson took over the fences. In retaliation Saberhagen throws at Dawson's head as his body flails from his epic dance moves. The pitch connects and Dawson goes down! A huge fight ensues and the game is called due to every player on the field being knocked out by each other's wild haymakers. That is what I choose to believe happened on that infamous day in Chicago.
Sorry to waste your time with this post. I got this card out of a pack and so many questions blew through my mind! Let's all celebrate Andre Dawson and his wackiness in this video from his outstanding MLB career as a Cub!


  1. That. Is. Bizarre.

    That's Cubs baseball for you.

    1. I really wonder who picks the action shots sometimes?

  2. I might need to get this card just for the oddity of it.