Friday, February 7, 2020

My Old Sticker Book: Part 2

While visiting my family back in New Jersey this past October, I took it upon myself to wander into my Mom's attic to see if some of my old stuff was still up there. To my surprise, she had not thrown anything out! So away I went, searching through bins and boxes looking for things that I could take back with me or at least get pictures of to share with you guys. One of the things that was uncovered was my old sticker album. Let's stop this chit-chat and continue with part 2 of this look at old stickers...shall we?
 Vending Machine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Stickers (Page 2)
Looking back now, I think me and my brother may completed the whole set of the metallic Turtles stickers? We got all the characters available to us, but we wanted to collect both the Silver & Gold versions. Even back then I was a hardcore completist! Also, if you look to the bottom left corner of the page you'll see the sticker that was included with the TMNT movie soundtrack tape that I purchased in 1990 when I was 10!
Simpsons Stickers
I remember getting these stickers while me and my brother were being baby sat by our Aunt. She took us to a Showbiz Pizza in NY and gave each of us several rolls of quarters. Most of the money was spent on one video game and the rest was spent on the shiny Simpsons stickers you see above. The Lisa and Marge stickers at the bottom of the page were taken off of a few sports disks we won at the fair. They were carefully removed and placed lovingly in this book for generations to enjoy.
 Batman Stickers
These stickers, like a majority of the stickers in this book, came from a vending machine at our local A&P grocery store. My Mom would have to take us when she did the shopping and if we were good, we got to chose a machine prize as our reward. I vividly remember spotting that Batman logo sticker on the ground of the parking lot at the A&P and picking it up for myself. It looked like it had been run over a few times, but hey, Batman was huge back then and it had to be mine!
Topps Ghostbusters II and Desert Adventure Stickers
The Ghostbusters II stickers came from packs of Topps Ghostbusters II cards, but the Desert Adventure stickers were given to me by my 4th grade teacher as a reward for helping tutor another student in English. She wanted to give me a Charms Blow Pop, but I wasn't having it, I wanted those stickers!
More Nintendo Stickers
These all came from random places. Some from friends, some from vending machines and some were bought. Those Mario vending stickers are pretty cool though as they included a scratch off Tic-Tac-Toe game. Looks like I won one and lost the other.
Darkwing Duck Sticker Sheet
Included in the sticker album were a few sheets of unstuck stickers. One of those sheets was of Darkwing Duck. I believe these were given out to subscribers of Disney Adventures Magazine as part of a "Thank You" pack that came with your first issue? Not sure on that one, but I am sure that Darkwing Duck was AWESOME!
That's it for Part 2 of a look through my old sticker book. Stay tuned for Part 3, coming next week!


  1. Man, you've got a great collection in here. Love those Batman and Ghostbusters stickers but I think my favorite is Homer as the World's Angriest Dad. I need that on a t-shirt like yesterday!!!