Friday, November 6, 2020

Halloween 2020 Recap

2020 has been a year unlike any I've ever lived through before. In spite of this and all the restrictions, myself and my wife (mostly my wife) wanted to make this Halloween a great one, full of awesome memories for our kids. Of course the day started off with a nutricious breakfast of monster cereals. I decided to mix all 3 together in my own version of a delicious Monster Mash!
After breakfast and watching some spooky themed Power Puff Girls, Unikitty, Teen Titans and Adventure Time cartoons, it was time to suit up! The whole family decided to dress up as Ghostbusters! My girls were Erin Gilbert & Jillian Holtzmann and my wife was Abby Yates. I was Ray Stantz and my son was Peter Venkman. It was a beautiful day outside, so we went outside and the kids chased me around the yard with their proton packs on their backs!
Even our dog, Wicket got dressed up for the occasion!
The kids were tired from running around catching ghosts, so we went inside where my wife had set up a scavenger hunt for the kids! She hid clues all around the house and after they found each clue they were able to grab some candy and put it in their buckets.
The wife went a little overboard with the candy buying this year, but she wanted to make sure we had all the kids favorite chocolate treats. These included Hershey's Bars, Almond Joy, Snickers and Reese's Peanut Butter Bats. But that's not all...
She also got all their favorite fruity candies like Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Pixie Stix, Air Heads, Blow Pops and Skittles. She did not know though, that the Skittles she picked up were the Zombie Skittles that randomly included "Zombie Flesh" flavored pieces. Me and the kids had a good time with these and let me tell you, if you have not tried them, the Zombie Flesh taste stays in your mouth for a long time!
While my wife was crafting lunch, the kids did some Halloween word searches, puzzles and word scrambles to stay busy. When lunch was served, the kids were ecstatic to see that my wife had made some Mummuy Dogs for them! These were hot dogs cut in the shape of mummies and then carefully wrapped in crescent roll wrappings. DELICIOUS! 
We ate more candy and then went back outside to bust open the Halloween pinata I picked up. The kids destroyed that thing and my son broke the rope twice while utilizing his pattented "Spin Move". Eventually the candy hit the ground and so did the kids!
Hyped up on sugar, I would have thought these kids would have never slowed down, but we all went inside and played the "Spooky Hallow" level in Pac-Man Party on the Wii. Now we were ready for some real food and the wife knocked it out of the park again with these jack-o-lantern shaped chicken quesadillas!
To wind down the night we went Trick-or-treaing at my sister in law's house, put out the jack-o-lanterns (my son made Kirby, my oldest daughter carved Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas", my youngest daughter carved Scraps from "The Corpse Bride" and me and the wife made Witches Shoes and a Bat cave), checked out the blue moon and watched "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" & "Ichabod and Mr.Toad" with the kids before getting them to bed.
To close out our night, myself and the wife watched "Trick r' Treat" and eventually fell asleep! All things considered, it was a pretty great Halloween. I hope you had a fantastic Halloween also. Can't wait until next year!


  1. Love pigs in a blanket. Most underrated party food ever. The Mummy Dog version is brilliant. May have to try that next year.

    OK- mixing three monster cereals - I feel the sugar coarsing through my veins just reading your post. Wonderful.

    1. My wife is pretty inventive with her holiday food stuffs! I am still on a sugar high from those cereals!!!

  2. That sounds like an amazing day!

  3. Even if it had been a normal year, this would've been a great day. Love the pumpkins. I'm a bit behind on the times, so forgive the silly questions, were those carved with patterns of some sort?

    1. They were carved with patterns and this was the first time my kids carved their own pumpkins from start to finish!