Friday, July 16, 2021

TMNT Ads in TMNT Magazine!

One of the great thrills of growing up in the 80's/90's was that every great cartoon had it's own magazine. From He-Man to Garfield to The Real Ghostbusters had their own magazine. It was such a feeling of joy to go to the mail box, or P.O. Box in my case, and pull out a the new month's magazine. This is a joy that sadly kids these days will not be able to have. Anyway, when I was growing up one of the magazine subscriptions my Mom did allow us to have was for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magazine! We had a subscription for a few years starting with issue #1. 
When I saw a recent ebay auction from the collection of Gary Richardson, CEO of Mirage Publishing, pop up with several of these TMNT Magazine issues, I put in a low bid amount and actually ended up winning! It was incredible to flip through these issues after all these decades. They had posters, exclusive TMNT comics, feature stories and of course ads! What better way to sell TMNT items then in a TMNT magazine. Today I would like to share a few of these ads with you in the hopes that stirs up those good feelings from back in the day. ENJOY!