Friday, February 11, 2022

Funko Pop Collection: Part #1

I am a fan of the Funko Pop figures. They are inexpensive and feature some amazing characters. if you are a fan of any show or movie, Funko has probably made a Pop of it! That being said, I really don't collect Pops, but if I do see one of a character I absolutely love, I will pick it up. My collection is not huge, but it is selective and here are a few that I would like to share with you...
Blanka from Street Fighter
Around my neighborhood, Street Fighter II was the fighting game of choice. Me and my friends would play this game for hours on our SNES during the summer of 1992 trying to perfect all the characters special moves. Of course one of the easiest to master was Blanka's electrical attack. That paired with his crazy look, made him a favorite of mine to play with.
Casey Jones from the TMNT Movie (1990)
The summer of 1990 brought my favorite Heroes In A Half-Shell to the big screen. My Dad took my brother and me to the theater to see this movie and our minds were blown! The movie was gritty & dark, but it still had the humor and action that we loved from the TMNT cartoon show. It was the perfect balance of the Mirage comics and Fred Wolf cartoon. Of course one of the highlights was the appearance of Casey Jones. He had some of the best scenes in the movie and of course I needed a Casey Jones to go along with my TMNT Funko Pops.
Doctor Octopus
Spider-Man has always been one of my favorite comic book superheroes. So much so that I have a Spider-Man tattoo and back when I was a DJ, my stage name was Spyda-Man. Those days have passed, but Spider-Man is still one of my favorites and my family got me this Doc Ock Funko Pop as a birthday gift a few years ago. He's a bad dude and still looks awesome, even as a Funko Pop!
Gremlin from Gremlins (1984)
Seeing Gremlins with my Dad and siblings in the movie theater is one of the earliest memories that I have. I don't actually remember seeing the movie, but I remember getting home from seeing the movie and the power went off in our house. Of course everyone was joking that it was the Gremlins that caused the power outage, but in fact it was a blown fuse. I didn't know that and those innocent jokes led to a few sleepless nights in my bed!
Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Knight
I have the Batman Arkham games collection for the WiiU and honestly, I've only played it a handful of times. I'm not a huge fan of the game itself, but I do like me some Harley Quinn. I picked this Pop up at a going out of business sale at a retro store in our mall. So for a couple of bucks Harley came home with me.
Dustin from Stranger Things (Target Exclusive)
I have been a fan of Stranger Things since the first season hit Netflix way back in 2016. Recently, my oldest daughter has watched the series with me and my wife and now she is in love with the show! For my birthday, my wife and kids got me a Target exclusive Funko Pop Dustin set. The set came with this Funko Pop of Dustin in his "Camp Know Where" outfit and a shirt with the "Roast Beef" design on it that Dustin wore in season 3 of the series. I love this shirt!
That's it for this round. Check back next week for some more random Funko Pop figures from my collection!


  1. Nice collection. I resisted them for long but like you said, they have a license for everything, and since I doubt I will ever see "V" or "Stripes" action figures, it has to be Funko Pop. They're so much fun.

    1. I agree. You gotta be choosy, otherwise be prepared to go broke!

  2. My girl and I got into those when they first came out, and quickly amassed a collection of over 1,000. We cashed out big time recently. Some of the retired ones were worth a ridiculous amount.

    1. Sounds like a modern day version of the Beanie Babies craze?

    2. You know, we definitely thought that the market would swing that way, and it would eventually come crashing down. However, what Pops have over Beanie Babies is nostalgia, and a seemingly endless pot to draw from in terms of licenses.

      I definitely don't think that Pops these days will be worth anything because they're so mass produced. What made the Pops we had so valuable was that they were so limited. There are some that saw as little as 100 produced because there just wasn't that high a demand when these started coming out.