Friday, November 4, 2022

Best of Halloween 2022

What a great year this was for Halloween festivities! My kids are getting older, but their love for the holiday is still there. The whole thing started this year when my Mom sent us this pretty sweet inflatable ghost lawn ornament. Never had one of these before, so it was cool to add some spooky decor to the front yard of our house! Thanks Mom!
We made our annual trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch. This year nobody got lost and we all had a great time by taking a hayride and tromping through the pumpkin patch in search for the biggest, best pumpkins we could find!
Our old friend Linus was there, and he is still waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive. I guess he needs to be a little more sincere? Anyway, we found our pumpkins and had a blast carving them on the night before Halloween.
I chose to carve the visage of pure evil himself, Skeletor! My kids carved images of Morticia, King Boo and Eevee into there pumpkins while we watched "Ernest Scared Stupid" and the new Netflix film "The Curse of Bridge Hallow".
The Curse of Bridge Hallow is the story of Stingy Jack and how he is accidentally brought back by a young girl who letshim out of his turnip prison. This causes all of the Halloween decorations in the town to come to life! In all honesty, this movie was pretty fun and a lot better than I thought it would be. The kids enjoyed it, so it will probably become a staple in our Halloween viewing for years to come.
Lucky me! I won a Halloween themed contest on Twitter just by liking a post! The prize pack was very cool and included some packs of Halloween themed Pokemon cards, a big Slimer sticker a Sloth key ring and of course lots of candy treats!
Speaking of sweet treats, my wife picked up these Vampire O's donuts. I don't usually like powdered donuts, but these were really good. The powder wasn't overpowering, and the ring of raspberry filling was tasty! The wife also picked up some zombie themed, chocolate covered donuts, but they all got eaten before I could snap a picture!
In addition to all the sweets, we got some savory offerings from two of the biggest burger chains around. Burger King kicked up their Whopper, by creating the Ghost Pepper Whopper which has to be my favorite new burger of the last few years. If you like a little bit of spice with your beef, definitely give this a try. It is so good! This limited-time burger features a classic flame-grilled beef patty topped with spicy queso, bacon, jalapeƱos, and ghost pepper cheese on a seasonally appropriate orange-and-black sesame seed bun.
Not to be outdone on the Halloween front, McDonald's resurrected their Boo Buckets! I took the kids to McDonald's, and we all got the McBoo Pail, which is totally cool because that was the one, we all wanted. The food was not Halloween themed, but it doesn't get much better than eating your food out of the head of a ghost themed bucket!
My twins went trick or treating as Luke & Leia from Star Wars, so of course I had to be their Dad aka Darth Vader! I went nuts looking for an affordable costume and, in the end, I ended up with this Ben Cooper Darth Vader ensemble. I saw it at Spirit Halloween for $9.97 and immediately snapped it up! 

What a great 2022 Halloween season this turned out to be. I hope you and your family had a fantastically scary time. Can't wait to see what 2023 brings us! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!