Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Retro on the Cheap: Garbage Pail Kids

I found myself in the trading card area again at The Dollar Tree and felt the need to pick up a pack of Garbage Pail Kids: American As Apple Pie In Your Face! Yes, I collected GPK as a kid and stuck them to everything from my dresser to notebooks to photo albums. Every time I see a pack of these gross-out era relics I feel the need to pick one up, especially when a pack is only $1. I tore open the wrapper and here's what was inside:
 Savage Sanders (2016 Presidential Candidate Sticker)
 Art Apart (America's Pastimes Sticker)
 Garbage Pail Kim (American Inventor Sticker)
Leaky Lou (U.S. Summer Olym-picks Sticker)
I felt sort of let down by the less-than-stellar artwork on these cards. The characters seem a bit rushed and there is absolutely no background on the cards. It also seems to me that the grossness of the cards has been toned down. I feel like the charm that these cards once had is lost due to concerns over parental backlash. I would much rather prefer a re-issue of older cards to these new ones...although the Savage Sanders card did make me laugh a little.

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