Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Shelfie

 I actually made this shelf myself and mounted it to the wall in my basement, which used to be my man- cave but has turned into the kids play room. The cool thing is that I made it out of lumber I salvaged from an old news set!
 As you can see, it's a pretty long shelf filled with some of my favorite collectibles. These include a Nintendo Virtual Boy, Stay Puft Marshmallow Bank, Ninja Turtles Black and White NECA boxed set, video games and much more. 
Every now and then the kids ask permission to play with some of the toys like Gizmo and the Star Wars X-Wing and I let them. Other things are not to be played with like the Peter Laird autographed Ninja Turtles Frisbee. 
Sometimes I will just look at the shelf and think of all the good times I had playing with and collecting these items and I hope my kids grow up with the same feelings of happiness.
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  1. Nice collection. I think it's great that you let your kids play with toys from your collection. My kids will NEVER touch anything from mine. ;)

  2. Man,I'm digging the shelves and site,Spyda.BTW-I couldn't help but notice the Mr.Met doll,u a fan?

  3. I am a Mets fan for life! Got that Mr. Met doll the last year they played in Shea.

  4. love the shelves! these are how my shelves with books look ,Im a fan of the amalgam display style.