Monday, August 22, 2016

1991 Topps Superstar Stand-Ups!

I recently purchased this box of 1991 Topps Baseball Superstar Stand-Ups from e-bay for about $10. Each box contains 36 individually wrapped candy containers. That's like $0.28 per container! I remember buying one of these as a kid when they first came out in the early 90s. The candy tasted no different than the ones you would find in Topps' candy heads. The real draw was trying to get your favorite player. It was a blind bag before there were blind bags. I believe I got a Ryne Sandberg back in the day. But the one I really wanted was Bo Jackson. That is the reason this box was purchased, to achieve that goal!
I opened the box and it was bursting with factory sealed 25 year old candy in containers shaped like the heads of some of Baseball's greats like Cal Ripken, Robin Yount, Ken Griffey Jr. and...Bobby Bonilla! What the...BOBBY BONILLA!
Like I said, there are 36 packs to a box and 36 different players to collect. Let's see if I can get a whole set?
Here is a sample of what was inside. As a Met fan, I was glad to add the Darryl Strawberry & Dwight "Doc" Gooden to my collection. I did not get a complete set, but did I get Bo?
Hell yeah I did! And there he is in all his glory. I am so happy. I can finally check this one off my want list! Now you're probably wondering what 25 year Topps candy looks like? It is pretty gross. It looks like the colors from the candies bled into each other and made some type of moldy looking dark brown nastiness. I actually have questioned whether I should eat one or not? Probably not?

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