Monday, October 17, 2016

Memories from The Dark Side!

I was about 5 years old when "Tales From The Darkside" was airing on television. Why my parents let me and my brother watch it is beyond me? I know that my Dad watched the show, so they knew what the content was. Maybe they thought we could handle it because we grew up in a time when Freddy & Jason were some of the coolest & most marketable characters around? As a parent today, there is no way in hell I would let my kids watch this stuff! I am over 30 years old and the theme song from Tales still sends chills down my spine!
First off, I have to say that I haven't seen the show in decades! Last year I did re-watch the movie around Halloween time. I would like to own the series on DVD someday though and re-live the creepiness. Besides the main theme song there are 3 memories of the show that have stuck with me to this very day. The first is from an episode called "Anniversary Dinner".
In this episode an older couple takes in a young girl and in exchange for room and board she does some chores around the house. Long story short, the couple is just getting the girl ready so they can enjoy her for their Anniversary Dinner! The memory that sticks out to me most is when the girl is cooked in the old couple's hot tub and the wife throwing vegetables into it to add to the stew. Remember this is a show I haven't seen in years, so forgive me if this description is not accurate.
The second memory I have from this show is the crazy talking fruits & veggies from the episode "Love Hungry". In this episode a woman wants to loose weight and goes to extreme measures which leads her to believe her food is a living breathing entity. I thought the sight of the talking food was pretty AWESOME back in the day and I guess it still is!
 Lastly, this freaky little monster from the episode "In The Closet" creeped me out for years! I would have nightmares that it was under my bed or that shadows in the room were the monster. I'm pretty sure my older brother tricked me into thinking it was real! Once again, WHAT WERE MY PARENTS THINKING!!!! Who am I kidding, I loved this stuff as a kid and can't wait to revisit these classic Tales From The Darkside episodes this Halloween season. The search for the complete series on DVD at Amazon begins!

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