Friday, October 7, 2016

Cookie Jar Halloween DVD

I bought this Cookie Jar Halloween Cartoon Collection about 2 years ago from K-Mart for $5. Our local K-Mart used to have great holiday collection DVDs like this one for cheap. Unfortunately, last month the store closed. A sad, lost relic of days past in it's own right, K-Mart just could not keep up with the Targets and Wal-Marts of the world. I have great memories of shopping there and eating at the K-Mart café in the Hackettstown Mall. Anyway, let's get back to the DVD!
This thing is jam packed with solid cartoons from the 80s & 90s. The Halloween Collection includes 10 episodes of Halloween fun including my favorites The Littles, Sabrina: The Animated Series and Mummies Alive! If that wasn't enough, there is a bonus episode of Hey Vern, It's Ernest included! My head just exploded! It's a nice collection of old school toons for a small price to enjoy during the spooky season! Now relax and enjoy the "Night of the Living Bread" episode of the 90s classic cartoon, Bump In The Night!

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  1. Our K-Mart closed years ago :( I have that dvd as well, got it last year at WM for 5 bucks as well lol. It has some great cartoons and some I had never seen before!