Friday, March 17, 2017

5 Random Trading Cards: Vol. 3

Today I'll be taking you back to the days of cardboard cards, stale chunks of pink chewing gum and wax wrappers...again. We will be taking a look at 5 old trading cards! I loved collecting cards as a kid. Baseball, Ninja Turtles, Superheroes it didn't matter. I just loved opening a pack and smelling the gum and seeing if you had opened a pack with new cards or more doubles! The stickers were always the premium pieces, but having a few extras to trade never hurt. Let's open this pack of awesomeness and take a look at 5 random cards from the 80s & 90s:
 Reboot (Fleer, 1995)
Back in the mid 90s this cartoon was revolutionary. It was fully animated with computer graphics and the story line, while being kid friendly, still had enough edge to appeal to older viewers. I watched a few episodes here and there, but was never an avid viewer. I own these cards due to the packs being included in the before mentioned Dollar Tree Comic Value Packs.
 Garbage Pail Kids: All New Series 3 (Topps, 2013)
If you have read my blog recently, you can tell that I love Garbage Pail Kids. Me and my older brother collected them as kids and any time I see a new series on the shelves, I have to pick up a pack for nostalgia's sake. This card stood out to me because of the inclusion of the original GPK, Adam Bomb. That guy is classic! Also, the Spider-Man inspired comic on the back of the card was brilliant!
 Nintendo Sticker Collection (Merlin, 1992)
Who didn't have one of these sticker albums back in the 80s & 90s? They covered everything from Ninja Turtles to Major League Baseball to Beetlejuice! The books were fun and the packs of stickers were usually around $0.25 each. So it was a cheap way to keep us kids entertained. I like this sticker not only because it's from Nintendo, but because of the old school Gameboy box art. I never played Dynablaster. Maybe I'll have to find a copy?
 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (Topps, 1983)
Oh Star Wars. The common bond that everyone had in common. Every kid was a Star Wars fan. From nerds to jocks everyone could agree that Star Wars ROCKED!!! I did collect these cards as a kid. Return of the Jedi is probably my favorite Star Wars movie. I know most people will pick Empire Strikes Back as the superior film, but this was the movie I watched religiously as a bright-eyed young kid. In my opinion, this card is great because it depicts the Sarlacc Pit in all it's glory, before Lucas added tentacles and a beak! Why was that necessary? 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (Topps, 1992)
The most despised of all the Ninja Turtles movies, until Michael Bay came along. Ninja Turtles 3 suffered from a lot of problems. Poor story, bad costumes and rushed production. It was still Turtles, so I bought into it and tried really hard to like this movie, but I just can't. After the greatness of the first 2 Turtles flicks this was a huge disappointment. I have a few of these cards in my collection and really do like these art cards, but it's not enough to redeem TMNT 3 from how bad it was.

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