Friday, February 16, 2018

What's inside the Superhero Collector Box!?

Every time myself and my family go to our local Target store, we have to peruse the trading cards section. Of course it's filled with everything from Pokémon cards to Football cards, but every now and then there is something that catches my eye. The last few trips I have been mystified by the $9.99 Superhero Collector Box! I had to find out what was inside! Would it be mini comics, stuffed heros, collector card packs? I was suckered in already by the intrigue of this box and the slim chance that I could win a graded comic autographed by Stan Lee pushed me over the edge. I pulled out my wallet, purchased my collector box, tore it open and here's what was inside...

Dice Masters (2016, WizKids)
There were 3 packs of the Dice Masters game which included the Civil War, War of Light and Age of Ultron variety. Each pack contains 2 cards & 2 dice. I have never really been excited about this game. Yes, I know the packs are cheap, but I was never drawn in. I know it has it's fans and now I have 3 packs, so maybe I'll give it a shot?

Dog Tags (Bullsitoy)
There were 2 packs of Dog Tags in the box for the Avengers: Age of Ultron & Suicide Squad movies. I have no use for these. I don't wear dog tags and neither do my kids. I think they will be re-gifted this coming Christmas. My brother always enjoys the random box of stuff that I send him each year along with a Game Stop gift card.

Hubsnaps (NECA)
I have seen these around at toys stores recently, but most of the time they are in the clearance bin. From what I have seen, they never really caught on like fidget spinners did. They kind of look like fun. I will probably give these to the kids and see how long it takes before I wish I hadn't. I foresee a lot of clicking and frustration in my future!

Superhero Magnets (Bullsitoy)
These I can use. Who doesn't need magnets? Especially parents with kids who want their latest and greatest school art project hug on the fridge. Once again Avengers: Age of Ultron was included in this assortment along with a Batman V Superman magnetic Metal Card! Can't wait to see if I get one of the randomly inserted Parallel Foil Magnetic Cards!

DC Minis (Blip Toys)
These are probably my most favorite items in the entire box. I am a sucker for blind boxes, especially cheap ones. I am definitely keeping these! I hope I get a Harley in one of the packs. She is represented in both the Suicide Squad and DC Comics packs included in this collector box.

HeroClix (Wiz Kids)
Once again, this is a game I have never really been drawn in to play. I have a few of these figures from random giveaways at my local comic shop and they are actually pretty cool looking figures. I will open this pack of Civil War HeroClix to see who I get, but more than likely it will not kickstart my need to collect more of these gaming figures.

And there you have it! The 12 various Superhero items inside the Fairfield Company's Superhero Collector Box. Was it worth the $9.99? In my opinion, NO! Most of these items I have seen and passed on at the Dollar Tree. The box says it has a value of over $30, but I say $12. So, yeah I saved $2 over what I would have spent at The Dollar Tree, but I wasn't really excited about these items and I didn't win that Stan Lee comic! Now that I know what was inside, I would have rather saved the $10 to buy some actual comics. But hey, if you're a fan of Dice Masters, HeroClix or Hubsnaps I say give this box a chance. If not, save your money!


  1. Let us know what you get form he stuff you open!

    1. Ended up getting a Killer Croc Suicide Squad mini and a Batman DC Comics mini. I'll take that!