Friday, January 25, 2019

My Collector's Wish List #2

I collect a lot of things from the 80s & 90s. Mostly stuff that reminds me of my childhood like toys, comics and cards. Some of these items can be pretty scarce or out of my price range. I have compiled a list of these items in the hopes that I will find them and be able to cross them off that list some day. Here are 5 items that I have on my wish list that I hope to add to my collection.

Li'l Bendable Gremlin Creatures
Average Price: $18 each
I remember loving these little creatures as a kid. Produced by Marty Toys you would find these toys everywhere from your local Shop Rite Supermarket to KB Toys.  There wasn't much to these little guys except the bendy feature, but the designs were cool and I remember Mooky being my favorite. One of my memories of owning these creatures was sharing a hot dog with my blue Mooky at a local Howard Johnson's restaurant. Those were good times!

FLEER Dragon's Lair Card Box
Average Price: $125 per box
These scratch off cards were great! Not only did you get to collect a set of cool cards & stickers but you got a game with it also! The goal as it is with most of these types of cards is to make it to the end of the maze without getting too many skulls that would end your turn. I love collecting vintage non-sport boxes of cards and this one is high on my want list.

The Smurf Chase: Wind up Gargamel
Average Price: $50
I have some vague memories of owning this figure as a very young child. I remember loving it and detaching the Smurf from the toy itself. Beyond that my memories are lost. I do know one thing though, I really was big into the Smurfs early in my life and would love to have this piece back in my possession. My Mom could tell you stories about my Smurf obsession that would make me cower as an adult. Now that you know too much, let's move on...

M.U.S.C.L.E Trash Can
Average Price: $35
There were so many ways you could have purchased your M.U.S.C.L.E. figures in the 80s. In small packs of 4, large boxes of 28 and my personal favorite the trash can filled with 10 figures. I remember my mom breaking down and buying me and my brother one of the cans while on a shopping trip to Shelby's department store. We busted that thing open while she was still shopping and sat on the steps in the store and played with our cool new toys! I still have some of my M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, but sadly the trash can has been lost.

Silverhawks Burger King Toys
Average Price: $75 per set
These toys hit a sensitive spot in me. When I was in grade school we went on a field trip to the local library, probably to learn the Dewey Decimal System. Anyway while we were there I got busted playing with my Tally-Hawk pencil topper instead of listening to the lecture. My teacher took my prized possession and I never saw it again. This tragedy needs to be amended and one day it will be when I purchase a new Silverhawks pencil topper and rise back to the height of writing utensil AWESOMENESS! Below is the commercial from 1987 for the Silverhawks Meal Pack!
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  1. Have never seen the Gremlin Creatures before. They look like a lot of fun. Every had MUSCLEs.

    1. Everyone had them, which made it even more fun!