Friday, June 14, 2019

Stranger Things are happening...

at Baskin Robbins right now! I heard through the wire that Baskin Robbins, home of 31 flavors, would be introducing new Stranger things inspired flavors and creations this summer. So this past weekend we took the kids to the park to run around, had a picnic then after that we headed to taste the flavors of the upside down!
Baskin Robbins was pretty creative with their new Stranger Things menu. They didn't just rehash an old product and slap a clever Stranger Things related name on it, but these are all new, unique taste treats. Above you will see the Demogorgon Sundae. This is a Demogrgon shaped waffle bowl filled with Very Berry Strawberry ice cream, strawberry topping and sprinkles. The Upside Down Sundae is a scoop of the new Upside Down Pralines ice cream with caramel sauce, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on the bottom! 
These two creations were dedicated to everyone's favorite Hawkins refugee, Eleven. Here we have the Elevenade Freeze, which is a mix of vanilla ice cream and lemonade. The final stop on this journey takes us to Eleven's Heaven, waffle cone ice cream, chocolate coating, sprinkles served in a waffle cone.
Of course when we entered Baskin Robbins we had to stop and check out what items we wanted to try, but there were some other cool Stranger Things decor to check out. We all got our pictures taken in the Scoops Ahoy! cut out and I was interested in the two new flavors of ice cream. Those being the Upside Down Pralines and Eleven's Heaven.
While ordering I couldn't stop drooling over the Stranger Things merchandise they had for sale that included an exclusive Scoops Ahoy! Steve Funko Pop figure, stickers and official Scoops Ahoy! shirts! Didn't get any this time, maybe next.
I ended up ordering the Upside Down Sundae and my son and daughter each got a Demogorgon Sundae. I really enjoyed mine, my only complaint is that it was just a single scoop of ice cream. Next time I'll ask for two. My kids enjoyed their frozen novelties as well and were filled before they even finished!
Baskin Robbins didn't just let the fun stop at the door, you can take home your own Sccops Ahoy! brand ice cream, the U.S.S. Butterscotch or you could order some of a Byer's House Lights Cookie Pizza. Very cool! If you are a fan of Stranger Things, I highly suggest you go to Baskin Robbins right now and take part in these limited edition treats while they last! Remember season 3 debuts on July 4th!!!!
Check out the Baskin Robbins/Scoops Ahoy! page by clicking HERE!

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