Friday, June 28, 2019

Taking the Fam to the Drive-In!

Every summer the wife and I take the kids to the Amusement Park Drive In theater to catch a flick. We usually only do this once a year, so the kids get really excited about it and have to pick the movie they want to see the most. This year they all decided on Toy Story 4! So away we went. The prices were reasonable at $7 per adult and $5 per kid.
We got there around 9 pm and that gave us enough time to get the back of the van set up with pillows, cushions and sleeping bags. We also went to grab snacks at the concession stand which is always a treat in itself!
The snack barn is literally a barn that has been converted to meet our movie time snacking needs and bathroom trips. I love the old school trash cans with the lions heads on the top. You know a place is classy if they have these!
Inside was pretty nice. They must have done some renovations recently, because I don't remember it being so clean. The prices were reasonable and the crew behind the counter was friendly and helpful. We ended up getting a few extra large popcorns for us to share and a Dr. Pepper for the wife.
The Snack Barn also had some cool looking old school ride machines like this Bozo The Clown School Bus...
and this AMAZING Kermit Muppet Babies car. Neither of them were working, but that didn't stop the kids from climbing in, having some laughs and taking some pictures. I really wish these were working. It's not often now that you find these machines outside of grocery stores or other retail outlets and I want my kids to be able to enjoy them to the fullest before they get too old like I used to.
Another cool but strange sight was this wall of old TVs and a rocking horse that lined the area where the bathrooms were. Odd definitely, awesome...absolutely!!!
This place is called The Amusement Park Drive In because of the rides that are housed on the lot. They have a spinning ride and a roller coaster. In all the years we have been coming here I don't think I have seen them running once. It must be a money thing or maybe an insurance thing? Still gives the place a nice ambiance though!
The movie finally started around 10:15 pm and ran until almost midnight. The kids really enjoyed Toy Story 4, but I had mixed feelings about it. Toy Story 3 did such a great job with wrapping up the series that I felt this one was a little unnecessary. It was good, but not great in my opinion. In defense though it had some high expectations to live up to based off the original trilogy. We had a great night at the drive in and I know we will be back again for more family fun!


  1. Toy Story is the new Police Academy. While each next installment isn't entirely necessary, it still has its moments which are fun.

    1. I would have never made that connection! Good observation.