Friday, December 24, 2021

A Peek at Christmas 2021: Part II

This year Christmas is returning to a little bit of normalcy after last year's restrictions. Either way, nothing has stood in the way of my family taking part in some of our favorite Christmas traditions like watching Christmas Specials, decorating the tree and just enjoying the season together. Below may seem like another random dump of photos, but it is a peek into what the season is like in my household. I hope you and yours have an amazing holiday season. No matter how you celebrate or what you celebrate, appreciate those around you and just remember the good times. Feel free to let me know about your family's favorite traditions in the comment section below and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Our Elf on The Shelf, Buddy, has been surprising our kids for years. He shows up the day after Thanksgiving and he usually brings my kids donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast on his arrival. After that, we never know what type of shenanigans he will get into. Here he is during his audition for "Into The Spider-Verse".
The Smurfs are a must watch every year. I remember having the original 80's cartoon on VHS back in the day. We have recently upgraded to DVD. The other Smurfs special is a more recent addition to the rotation and is a pretty good take on the characters.
Every year, my family visits Hallmark and gets an ornament for our tree. This year, we all agreed on getting this Mini-Pufts version, but when we got to the store...they were sold out! I went back a few days later and the kind lady behind the counter informed me that they would be getting 4 more of these cute & delicious ornaments in and she put me on the wait list for purchase. A few days later, I got the call and finally I GOT ONE!
The kids and I watched "We Wish You A Turtle Christmas" this year. It was a first time viewing for my family and my kids really enjoyed the crude absurdity of the special. They are still singing about "4 Manhole Covers"!
Speaking of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, IDW did not disappoint with this years festive covers. These are always a welcome treat and addition to my ever growing TMNT comic collection. 
A few other Christmas specials we knocked off the list this year were Heathcliff's Christmas and "A Wish For Wings That Work". These are not the typical upper tier of Christmas Specials, but they do hold a place in my 80's loving heart and now my kids are able to enjoy them also.
Last year my family chowed don on the Elf on The Shelf "Sugar Cookie" flavored cereal. This year we decided to try the "Hot Cocoa" flavor and I can honestly say, I don't know how it tastes because my kids ate it all before I could get a bowlful! 
It wouldn't be Christmas without a visit from Vader Claus. Also featured is the Star Wars Christmas Caroling sign my wife picked up on clearance last year from Hobby Lobby.
Lastly, just wanted to share this Turtly Magnificent Christmas light set up that the wife and I took the kids to see this year. AMAZING! I hope your holiday is full of cheer and good times. From all of us at 20 Years Before 2000...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Looks like you have a SpiderMan on a Ceiling Fan.