Monday, July 11, 2016

Keepin It Classic: Garbage Pail Kids

Now this is what I'm talkin bout! A few weeks ago I wrote about how disappointed I was with the new "Garbage Pail Kids: American as Apple Pie In Your Face!" card set. The art was a little off and the humor of the cards was not up to par. I found these "Garbage Pail Kids: Chrome Series 2" cards at Target. They are re-issues of the original GPK Series 2 cards from 1985 with chrome artwork! 4 cards come in each pack. These are the kids I remember and enjoy so much! Let's tear into the pack and see what's inside:
 Brainy Brian & Live Mike
These cards are not re-issues of the older cards, but part of the "Returning" subset. It's like a look at what happened to each character after the original photo was taken. Live Mike's fans get a shock and an exquisite rendition of a GPK Zombie attempts to steal a bite of Brainy Brian's brain. I like these cards. It keeps the story going without loosing any of the original art flavor. It's fun to see the "After" portion of each characters story. I'm kind of glad I got these 2 cards. They are something recognizable from the 85 series with a new twist!
Pegleg Peter & Jolly Roger
Here is where a little disappointment set in. I got version A & B of the same character in the same pack. These are re-issues of 1985 cards and I understand this is something Topps has been doing with the Garbage Pail Kids from the beginning, but when you only get 4 cards per pack it is a bit of a let down to get pretty much the same card. Even the backs are identical! 
Would I buy these again? Yes! Not only is the artwork classic GPK but the inclusion of chase cards like Superfractors (1:4,666), Pencil Art Cards (1:3) and Artist Autographs (1:305) will keep me ripping open packs. I know the odds are not in my favor, but it's always good to dream.

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