Friday, May 26, 2017

I Finally Got A Teddy Ruxpin!

What child of the 80s could ever forget those magical lyrics that came from the lips of an animatronic bear, "Come dream with me tonight!" Released by Worlds of Wonder in 1985, Teddy Ruxpin was the must have toy for any child under the age of 10. Who can blame them? The advertising for this toy was everywhere. The commercials made it seem like you not only got a toy to play with, but a real, live talking bear who would tell you stories and be your best friend!
Well birthdays and Christmases came and went and I never got a Teddy Ruxpin. Don't get me wrong, I did get some great gifts from Masters of The Universe to MASK action figures, but there was always that gaping hole in my childhood that was never filled by the magic of Teddy Ruxpin. Fast forward 30 years and...
BOOM! There was Teddy Ruxpin sitting on the shelf of the local Goodwill store! I grabbed him immediately without even flinching. Picked up a few more things and went to the register. He rang in at $8! What a bargain! Now to be fair, this isn't the original Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin but it's the 2005 Backpack Toys version. Still, I OWN A TEDDY RUXPIN! He still works the same. He can read stories and his mouth moves, the one change is the cartridges that go in his back.
They are small, yellow cartridges that are shaped like a story book. Not at all like the cassette tapes from the 80s version, but that's okay.
The other item I picked up that day was an original Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin book titled "Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday". Any time you see a Teddy Ruxpin book, you must pick it up. There is not much in the way of a story in the book, but I guess that's why Teddy tells everything to us. I only paid $0.50 for this baby. But the Ruxpin treasure finds don't end there!
A few weeks after I purchased my Teddy Ruxpin, I went to a video rental store that was closing and grabbed this 1987 Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin cartoon DVD for $1! I remember watching this show at my friend George's house when I would sleep over. It was on HBO and I didn't have that channel at my house, so this made it extra special to stay at George's. If you have never seen the cartoon, I'll share an episode with you below!
My kids love Teddy Ruxpin and will all sit together to hear about his adventures with his friends in the world of Grundo. Now the search is on for a Grubby!


  1. Awesome!Animatronics was big in the late 80s and early 90's.Remember the Disney boppers?

    1. I do! "Little Boppers" were so cool! They even had Muppet Babies, Universal Monsters and Teddy Ruxpin! Now I can't get that song "Keep On Dancing" from the commercials by The Gentrys out of my head!

    2. I had to Youtube the commercial right after i commented and ,yes,that song is crazy catchy!It stayed in my head for a little while as well.Marketers know what they're doing ;)

  2. Grubby seems like a tough one to find, then again He did play 2nd fiddle so he would be much more rare. Glad you found a TR!

  3. Yes! Teddy Ruxpin came back!

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