Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

First of all I want to say Thank You to our service men and women who have served are serving and will serve in the armed forces. Without these men and women we probably would not have the freedoms to celebrate a long holiday weekend. Secondly, Memorial Day weekend is always the official kickoff to summer for me and my family. This past weekend we had no prior commitments like baseball, gymnastics, school functions or birthday parties for the first time in a long time! We finally had a chance to relax!
With all that free time I was able to tackle a few things around the house that had been piling up like getting our lawn sprinklers up and working, fixing a broken light fixture, catching up on laundry and building this raised garden for my kids to plant some veggies! We went to Lowes and the kids picked out cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and surprisingly Brussels sprouts!
We cooked almost every meal on the barbeque! This included hot dogs, home made cheese burgers, chicken and my favorite...Earl Campbell's Hot Links! Oh, I also stirred up a pitcher of my fave Kool-Aid flavor Blue Raspberry Lemonade!
Now back to the Earl Campbell Hot Links. These are amazing! They are so flavorful with enough spice to make your mouth water. The spice is just right and doesn't overpower the taste of the link itself. The price is also reasonable. It is only $4.98 for a 36oz pack at Walmart. You can check out some other Earl Campbell products at his website EarlCampbellMeatProducts.com. You may be asking yourself 'Who the hell is Earl Campbell?" Earl is a Heisman Award winning, Hall of Fame NFL running back who played 8 years for the Oilers & Saints. See him in action in this video!
Other highlights include 5 Pro Bowl selections, 3 All-Pro selections, 3 time NFL Rushing leader, 2 time NFL Touchdown leader, 1979 AP NFL MVP, 3 time NFL Offensive Player of the Year, 1978 Offensive Rookie of the Year and a 2 time All American at Texas! His football legacy is why I picked these up in the first place.
Of course we had to have the traditional side dishes and junk food to go along with our meals which included salads, watermelon, chip, Cheetos and I finally got to try the new Mountain Dew flavor Dew-S-A which is a combination of Mountain Dew Code Red, White Out & Voltage. It was okay, but a bit too sweet for my likes. The kids loved it though! Also finally found and got to try the new Warheads "Hotheads Worms". These I really liked. They start out with a sour sweetness and end with a spicy kick. I found these at the dollar store.
It was such a great weekend filled with good food, fun in the sprinklers, competitive games of badminton, completed projects and time with the family. How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Sounds like a great extended weekend. Wish I had as much fun. Instead, my girl and I spent the weekend downsizing our home which was filled with enough stuff for eight people to the more reasonable two we are. It's amazing how much junk two people can amass over the years. It's even more amazing how much crap you can throw out, and still have so much crap still in the way.

    1. I know! I still have a ton of stuff stored at my Mom's house. One of these days I'll have to bring it to my new residence and find a place for it with my new stuff! UGH!