Monday, September 11, 2017

Superheroes at the Art Museum!

This past weekend we took our kids to the art museum for a new exhibit called "My Hero! Contemporary Art and Superhero Action"! The local art museum made this a fun event for kids by inviting cosplayers over to take pictures with the kids, snacks, crafts and FREE ADMISSION for everyone who was there to see the exhibit. My kids really got into the spirit of things by dressing up as Iron Man, Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Not only was the Superhero exhibit free, but the entire museum was open to the public at no cost. This was a great way to get my kids into the art museum and learn an appreciation for art. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the show.

"Catvengers" by Jenny Parks (2013)
This was possibly my favorite piece from the show! How could you not love cuddly cat versions of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes? I mean look at Cat-Hulk, he is so grumpy but I still want to pick him up and squeeze that soft fur! No question, this was my kids favorite image.

"Tony Stark, The Iron Man" & "Bruce Wayne, The Batman" by Jeremy Fisher (2015)
These sculptures were amazing. They were life sized recreations of the Iron Man and Batman masks. The details in the Iron Man mask were fantastic! From the twisted metal to broken wires it was great. I believe these were made to represent the fragility of our modern heroes and that we are all human underneath it all. Pretty deep!

"Xi'an-American Batman & Spider-Man Warriors" by Lizabeth Eva Rossof (2015)
These 2 statues were actually made from concrete and were inspired, as you might guess, by the terracotta warriors that were discovered in the tomb of China's first Emperor, Quin Shi Huang!

"DEFLECTION" by Maurizio Zuluaga (2014)
This collage had so much going on, but in the middle of it all stood the eye catching visage of Batman shooting rainbows from his eyes! This piece was so bright and busy that it was hard not to be drawn in and see how many characters you could find blended into the canvas. Another bit of info is that the artist is from Jersey City, NJ!

 "Tim Drake - Robin" by Simon Monk (2012)
There were several of these paintings in the "Bagged Heroes" series by Monk, but the one that stood out to me the most was this one of Tim Drake aka Robin. Not sure why? Maybe it's because he reminds me of the Kenner Robin figure from the "Batman Returns" line that I once owned?

"Non Stop Beautiful Ladies" by Remi Noel (2005)
This one just seemed funny to me. The artist, Remi Noel, took a Batman action figure and snapped photos of him in various situations like reading a cookbook, in bed at a hotel and staring at bat shaped power lines, but this is the one that stood out to me. It was so unusual to see Batman in this setting contemplating the night's entertainment that lies ahead.

I loved this exhibit! There were so many more great pieces of art at the show. If this exhibit ever hits your town, I highly recommend you strap on your boots, throw on your cape and fly on over to the art museum to check it out! For more info on this traveling exhibit or to see if it's heading anywhere near you visit The Bedford Gallery website.

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