Friday, March 23, 2018

Daddy/Daughter Day 2018 #1

Last weekend I took my oldest child out for a Daddy/Daughter day. The first thing we did was head over to the Women's NAIA Basketball Championship Tournament. Since I have been working the Tournament as a member of the media, we were able to score some courtside seats and hospitality room privileges. The game we were watching went into overtime, but my daughter wanted us to leave so we would have time...
to play video games at Chuck E. Cheese! With all the tickets we earned she was able to grab a notepad, book mark and some candy. We went to lunch at a local Chinese restaurant and shared a huge plate of drunken noodles with beef. It was really good. While eating we discussed what she wanted to do next. Her choice was to hit up...
Toys R Us! I was happy to take her, because I didn't know how many more visits we would eventually be making to the Greatest Toy Store There Is! She ended up with a Rey "Forces of Destiny" doll. But while we were there it made me think of all the great times we had at the store as a family. So we went home and I grabbed a few of the items to highlight here.
Every few weeks Toys R Us would host a special giveaway day. My kids were treated to lots of cool, free stuff like exclusive Pokémon Cards, Lego/Mega Blox sets, Pokémon figures and Hatchimals Colleggtables. Of course while we were at the store we would grab our free stuff and eventually get suckered into buying something extra for the kids.
Another cool thing Toys R Us would do is host a monthly birthday party for the kids. Every kid who attended the birthday party would receive a free stuffed Geoffrey the giraffe, a book, balloons and coloring sheets. Geoffrey would also personally attend the event and stay to take pictures with the kids. I am so glad each of my kids got to take part in this event before they closed. I hope it's a memory they will have for life!
The last thing I will mention here were the great exclusives they would offer their customers. I am happy to have this Mega Blox TMNT comic and Topps Geoffrey card in my collection. I can always look back at these artifacts of good times gone by. I will miss Toys R Us greatly, but I will always have the memories and I will always be a Toys R Us kid!!!

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