Friday, March 2, 2018

GPK: We Hate The 80s

I had seen this new series of Garbage Pail Kids on a few other retro blogs over the past few months. Then I finally saw them for sale at a local Target store and had to pick up a pack for myself! First of all I am a sucker for Garbage Pail Kids. The nostalgia attached to these cards is priceless to me, so anytime I get to open a new pack, I have to take that opportunity. Secondly, this series is dedicated to parodies of people and things that made the 80s so great! I opened the pack with excitement and this is what I got...
Once again, I understand that there have always been a version "A" and a version "B" of every card, but I can't help but feel a bit cheated that the majority of the cards in my pack were of the same variety. Not a complaint, just an observation. Here we get a few of the "Goldbergs" cards that represent the fantastic retro sitcom that is currently airing on ABC.

Next up we have a few homages to Mr. Rogers, Trapper Keepers and a "Phlegm" boarder parallel of the Lisa Frank school supplies. I love the artwork on these cards and wish I had picked up more. These are classic Garbage Pail Kids fun! 

Here is where I feel this series and multiple series of GPK before this fall flat. The card backs! Why do they continue giving us these bland, boring, non creative card backs!!! Why not return to the days of the "Wanted" posters, comics or "Underachievement" awards? Heck, I would even be happy with a puzzle piece on the back! This setback not withstanding, overall I was pretty happy with this TOPPS card set and will probably pick up a few more packs. 8 cards/stickers for $1.99 is not too steep a price to relive some great childhood memories. Plus I want to see if I can snag one of those amazing "80s Wax Pack Parodies" or Goldberg autograph cards!

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  1. If you pick up more and are looking to trade, hit me up!