Friday, May 18, 2018

Retro Lines at Toys R Us Today: Final Edition!

If your Toys R Us location is still open like mine is, you still have some time to stop by and grab some great retro toys at discounted prices. Right now our Toys R Us has slashed prices to discounts of 30%-50%! My daughter has a birthday coming up, so I picked up some stuff for her, but I also kept my eyes peeled for some future shopping for myself. Here is what I found this time around...possibly the last time around?

Super Soakers ($9.99 - $39.99)
When Super Soakers were released upon the public in 1991 it was the must have water gun for summer time fun! The advertising made it seem like you would be unstoppable in a water fight if you had one of these babies by your side. My Mom finally gave in to our begging and got myself and my brother each a Super Soaker 30! It was great until we learned our friend had a Super Soaker 100, DAMMIT!

Teddy Ruxpin ($99.99)
From everything I have seen, this new version of Teddy Ruxpin has not really caught on with the younger generation. That's sad to me. Yes the look is drastically different from the original and it has digital eyes and runs off an app, but the heart & sole of the toy is still there. You can still hear fun stories from your furry Teddy friend and that's what matters to me. I think the biggest drawback is the almost $100 selling point! If these guys go for around 50% of that price, I may just pick one up.

Tamagotchi ($14.99)
Released to the United States in 1997, these digital pets were everywhere! I did not have a Tomagotchi growing up, but my brother did have a Gigapet. I remember when he first got it. He would feed, wash and cleanup after that little guy around the clock...then he didn't. Kids quickly lost interest in this toy, but now they are back and I want one!

Strawberry Shortcake ($17.99)
I never owned any of the toys from this figure line, but my sister did and I can still remember the smell of these guys. Each figure was scented to represent their character. Strawberry Shortcake smelled like strawberries, Orange Blossom smelled like oranges, etc. I remember she kept them in a case together and when she would open it all the smells would emerge at one time, creating a crazy mix of delicious fragrances! I might just pick up this toy for her?

Mini Classic Video Games ($19.99-$29.99)
Ever since the Nintendo Entertainment System came home with us in 1986, I have been a video game junkie. Each night after we put the kids to sleep, I put aside at least an hour of my time to play video games! Right now I am trying to finish my NBA2k season with the Brooklyn Nets! No matter how amazing the new systems are, I always come back to the classics and mini versions of these games only make it cooler! I am hoping to pick up a few of these before Toys R Us closes.
Well, that's it! What could possibly be my last blog entry about Toys R Us! I hope to make a few more trips back to buy a few things, but who knows how much longer they will be open. As I've said before and I'll say again "I don't want to grow up. I'm a Toys R Us kid"!

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