Friday, April 5, 2019

DC Justice League FLiXSTARS

 Just this past week I was in the local Dollar Tree store and I noticed that they had been getting some cool toys in recently. It's in this section that my eyes were drawn to these colorful packages of DC Comics Justice League FLiXSTARS by MATTEL. Each pack contained 3 DC Super Heroes for only $1! I grabbed 2 of the packs, but noticed there were a couple more with some different characters. I may have to go back this week and pick those other packs up, but for now here is what I got...
 The first package I opened contained a running Flash, flying Superman and ready to punch Batman!
 The second pack I grabbed had a ninja kicking Batman, kicking Wonder Woman and another flying Superman this time in Yellow. I'm pretty sure each pack contains a Batman, Superman and another character. I would have preferred to get some more variety, but I also realize that the Dark Knight & Supes are where they money is at.
 The backs of each of these non-poseable figures is hollowed out and contains a small "trigger".
This "trigger" was included so you could pull off the toys' action jumping feature. I'm not gonna lie, I think this is a pretty cool feature. I tested each of the figures and they all jump pretty good, especially and surprisingly the punching Batman went the furthest!
The main reason I picked these up was because they reminded me of the Tim Mee plastic toys of my youth! I loved the space men from the Galaxy Laser Team set and the demons from the Fantasy Warriors sets. These figures are pretty close to those from the 80s with a new action feature twist. For $1 a pack these DC FLiXSTARS were definitely worth the price!


  1. These are cool!I'll be on the lookout.

    1. I agree. I just picked up the 3rd pack in the series and it has Aquaman!!

  2. Why couldn't they simply make nice sculpted figures instead of hollowed figures with that lame gimmick. Army Men don't need gimmicks to be fun and collectable.

  3. I just found a pack of 18 of these at my local toys r us on the clearance table for just $1.50!! Not sure which kid will be gifted with them, but I couldn't leave them behind!