Friday, April 26, 2019

My Faves: Figure Collection #10

I have a fairly big collection of loose figures from the 80s & 90s. I would like to share a few of my faves with you at this time. These are a few of the toys I re-discovered while cleaning out my basement closet this past weekend. Here we go!
Go-Bots: Rube (Bandai, 1984)
 When I was a kid, I did have a fondness for the Go-Bots. I had a few of them and my favorites had to be Scooter, Leader-1 and Cop-Tur. I had seen some of the cartoon episodes, but was not a loyal watcher so I did not know much about the lore of these transforming robots. I found this Rube figure in a box of old Hot Wheels cars that I picked up from a second hand store and actually thought he was a Transformer at first. Then I did some digging and he is in fact a Go-Bot and is part of a team of bad guys that fit together to make the Renegade ultra-bot, Puzzler!
Mission Masters 4: Lunar Attack Batman (Kenner, 2001)
 I still think these Batman: The Animated Series action figures look great. The simplistic forms work well for Batman. This Mission Masters version of the Dark Knight even glows in the dark! Kinda defeats the purpose of sneaking up on villains in the pitch black of night, but what the hell it looks cool!
Mega Man: Mini-Pop (Funko, 2018)
 My wife surprised me with a box of Mega Man FunkO's one day and I was extremely happy to bust the box open and pull out the prize! The prize in question happened to be this mini-Pop version of the Blue Bomber. He now sits on the top of my computer at my desk at work. He doesn't stand up too well due to the top heaviness of his head, but a little stick tack has kept him in place.
TMNT Toon Turtles: Michelangelo (Playmates, 1993)
 These Ninja Turtles toys came out just as I was entering my teenage years and my interest in toys started waning. I never did grab them off the shelves, but I wish I did! In addition to Michelangelo I have been able to track down a Toon Donatello and Toon Shredder. I hope to complete the quartet of Toon brothers in the future, but the prices seem kinda steep.
The Simpsons: Nelson Muntz (Mattel, 1990)
 Once again, this is a toy line I saw on shelves back in the day but decided to pass on them. Instead of picking up Nelson or any of the Simpson family figures, I chose a Shish Kebab Beetlejuice by Kenner. Even though that was a great figure, I wish I would have purchased some Simpsons instead. As of right now the only 2 Mattel Simpsons figures I own are Mr. Muntz and a Bartman. It's a small series of figures that I think I can hunt down pretty easily.


  1. Can't ever go wrong with the Simpsons.

    1. Absolutely not! I can't wait to get all 300+ episodes on the Disney streaming service when it comes out this fall!