Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Retro Revival Challenge: Snow Days!

First of all, I am excited to be back in the "Blog Challenge" game. I truly did enjoy being a part of the Pop Culture League and now Retro Revival. This week's challenge topic of "Snow Days" immediately brought me back to my winters in New Jersey. Where we lived there was a gaggle of kids who were around the same age. We would get epic games going during our time off during a snow storm!
We would play legendary games of manhunt throughout the neighborhood and hardcore games of hockey. When I say hardcore, I really mean "budget". None of us had real snow gear, so we would wear 3 layers of pants, a coat on top of a sweat shirt on top of a t-shirt, multiple pairs of socks with Wal-Mart bags tied around our feet to keep them dry and whatever sneakers were available. Then we would find a frozen pond to play on. But, before we played we had to do the kid test to see if the ice was thick enough. That meant finding the biggest rock around and throwing it as close to the middle of the pond as possible. If the ice held we were good. If it broke, we were on to the next one.
I'm pretty sure our sticks came from some budget shopping store. I almost want to say maybe even the dollar store. They would break so easily and we probably spent more money on duct tape fixing those things up than a new solid hockey stick would have cost! No puck either, just whatever small ball we could find!
I remember chasing that ball across the ice, only to lose my balance and slip head first into the frozen pond. I hit my chin on the ice and chipped my tooth, but kept playing. No we didn't have the best gear or the warmest clothes, we weren't even really hockey fans, but damn we had a ton of fun on those snow days!
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  1. Fun read this week! Hope you come back this Monday for the next subject.