Monday, January 9, 2017

In October A Winner Was Me!

Wayyyy back in the month of October of 2016 the website Action Figure Barbecue held a little "Toy Bloggers United" contest. Pretty much a post would be put up on the website with a question at the end. Some included "What Toy Scared You As A Kid?", "What Is The Perfect House For Trick or Treating?" and "Have You Ever Dressed Up As Your Favorite Toy For Halloween?". Of course I jumped on the opportunity for free stuff, answered these questions and BAM, I was hit over the head with some Halloween memories that I had forgotten about. Like the time my mom made me go out as an Oreo Cookie and my brother as a Rubik's Cube! In the end, I wound up winning one of the 3 prizes and here's what was in the box!
 Comics: Ghost Rider Rides Again #2 (1991) & The Pirates of Dark Water #2 (1991)
 Garbage Pail Kids (2003), Casper Puzzle, Christmas Puzzle & MLP writing pad
 Halloween Makeup: Tooth Black Out & Hair Color Spikes
 Misc. little guys (Aliens, Robots, Dr. Doom, Prince Phillip & Weird Finger Puppet)
 Skull Air Freshener (Vanilla Scent), Lego Stickers, Pinky and the Brain pad & mouse pad
 POGS!!! Limited Edition Collector Series w/ bonus Casper Pog & Skull Slammer
Spiders, Lizards & Frogs
Also included was a Star Wars Black Series Snowtrooper figure. Thank you again to the fine folks at Action Figure Barbecue. I will enjoy my major award. Please check out the AFB website. It is full of AWESOME toy reviews and I saw some stuff on there that I didn't even know existed! It's a good read. You won't want to miss out on the layers of action figures, pumpkins, and superheroes, covered with a rich chocolatey coating at Action Figure Barbecue!