Monday, February 13, 2017

TMNT Kawaii Cubes!

On January 30th I entered a contest on the AWESOME website TMNT. Readers of the website were asked to write about when they became a fan of the turtles for a chance to win one of these adorable Ninja Turtles Kawaii Cubes from Wish Holdings. Here's what I posted:
"I knew I loved the turtles when my Mom bought me and my brother the original Playmates toys! I got Leo & Don and my brother got Raph & Mikey. We played with those toys for hours and our infatuation with the boys in green led our friends to get their own figures. Pretty soon we all had them and were having epic backyard battles between the Turtles and the minions of the Shredder! My favorite Turtle is Donny. Attached is a pic from the time me and my brothers met Mikey at a local department store. TURTLE POWER!!!"
A few days later I was announced as one of the 8 winners of the TMNT Kawaii Cube contest!!! About a week after that, this bag arrived at my job! I was so excited to rip it open. Of course all my coworkers were intrigued by the Ninja Turtles bag and had to see what was inside.
I got a Donatello (my fave Turtle) small size Kawaii Cube! These things are great! They are soft, they stack on top of each other, the design is unique and they only cost around $5 each. So, if you are a fan of the Turtles I would recommend picking these guys up! I think I'll have to head out and complete my Turtle foursome.
They also list Bebop & Rocksteady Kawaii Cubes, but I have been unable to track these down online yet. The Ren & Stimpy cubes are pretty sweet too.
Needless to say, but little Kawaii Cube Donnie has now taken a spot atop Bo Jackson on my shelf of Greatness! Thanks again to the folks at TMNT! You guys rock and so does little Donnie!

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