Friday, February 3, 2017

Wax Packs: 80's Pac-Man Trading Cards

For a long time now I have had "Pac-Man Cards" on my WANT list. What I was looking for was a full box of the cards. Unfortunately the prices for these were a little too steep for my budget. Although recently I found a nice deal on e-bay for not only a pack of Pac-Man cards, but also Ms. Pac-Man and Super Pac-Man for a couple bucks! Spoiler Alert: I snapped them up!
The cards are mini scratch off games where the goal is to gobble up the most power pellets to get the high score before you scratch off 3 ghosts and end the game. These are just like the old Donkey Kong and Dragon's Lair card sets put out by Fleer in the early 80s. I love these things!
In addition to getting 3 game cards per pack, you also get 3 stickers! The artwork is vintage 80s Pac-Man! This is how he was meant to be. The game cards suggest you use these stickers as prizes for the person who gets the highest score. Nuts to that, I'm putting these babies on my Trapper Keeper!
Pac-Man (Fleer, 1980)
It was so satisfying to have one of my want list items in my hands. I used to have a shirt that had this same artwork on it. I wore that baby every other day like a boss! To this day Pac-Man is still one of my all time favorite games!
Ms. Pac-Man (Fleer, 1981)
This was one of the bonus pack I received. There is a Pizza restaurant near where I live that still has a working coffee table Ms. Pac-Man arcade game. I have picked that place for my birthday meal for the past few years.
Super Pac-Man (Fleer, 1982)
I am not too familiar with the Super Pac-Man game, but I have recently played it on one of those compilation disks. Not a huge fan, but happy to add this pack to my collection.
Now I'm gonna open my cards while enjoying a classic episode of the Pac-Man cartoon. I suggest you do the same!


  1. Dude! That is awesome. Nice catch. Serious nostalgia.

    1. I am ecstatic to finally have these in my collection!

  2. Spyda, you won our tmnt contest. I couldn't find another way to contact you. Please email

  3. Those are so cool looking! Congrats on finding them affordable!