Friday, February 17, 2017

What is a Morph-O-Droid?

While flipping through the pages of the Classic "Thing" #30 from Marvel comics I noticed an advertisement for a toy I had never seen before.
These toys were the Morph-O-Droids! Morph-O-Droids were remote controlled transforming robots! That sounds AMAZING to me, but that's not all! They can walk, fire laser weapons and generally kick ass! I had to find out more about this toy line and figure out why a line of FREAKIN REMOTE CONTROLLED TRANSFORMERS failed?
In my search I found that these relics from 1985 could be found on e-bay from anywhere around $15 to $75. You can check the auction for Morph-O-Droid Poizen by clicking THIS LINK.
I couldn't find much more information than they were a toy line put out by Vector Intercontinental in 1985, there were a total of 9 vehicles produced and they sold for around $10.99 at  KB TOYS.
That still doesn't explain why this toy line failed to grab a piece of the Transformers/Go Bots pie. Doesn't that sound delicious? My only guess is that the transformations were not that great and the cord was connected from the Morph-O-Droid to the controller. That was always a disappointment when you asked for a remote controlled car and got one of these instead!
I may have to take a look at those e-bay auctions again and see if I can buy a Morph-O-Droid and find out the truth for myself! In the meantime these other sites explored the mystery that is the Morph-O-Droids! If you feel like reading more about this toy line click the links below!


  1. The cord would be my guess. I was never into remote controlled stuff as a kid but as an adult? I thinks me might need to look into these lol.

  2. I think they're very cool I'm in the e-commerce and came across sagos the leader of the morph of droids new in box Mint Condition all the accessories was going to sell it as a rare hold on to things I come across when sourcing but don't know if I have the heart to it just inspires Nostalgia for me