Friday, February 8, 2019

80s Commercials from the East Coast

I had planned on a pretty cool post for this week, but with sick kids and the crazy weather I have been unable to get it written and onto the blog. Instead I decided to share some of my favorite local commercials that I used to see on TV in the 80s while living in the great state of New Jersey. If your from the tri-state area these should bring back some great memories. If not, I'm sure you can still enjoy the nostalgia of the spots. ENJOY!
Shop Rite: Can Can Sale

Land of Make Believe: Hope, NJ

Milford Plaza: Lullaby of Broadway

The Children's Aid Society

The Wiz: Home Entertainment Sale

Mount Airy Lodge


  1. Outstanding! I want to go to the Mount Airy Lodge.

    1. Oh man! It was the destination to go for adults back in the day! I remember going to college in PA in the 2000's and seeing this place boarded up. Also, I did some digging on this place and it turns out the owner killed himself due to all the debt he accrued after the glory days of the resort! Terrible.