Friday, February 1, 2019

Retro Reading Corner: The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album

Originally published by Harper/Collins in 1991, the Simpsons Uncensored Family Album is a scrapbook through the history of the quintessential Nuclear Family through the eyes of it matriarch Marge Simpson. It is filled with mementos from Homer and Marge's years growing up in Springfield to the present day with their 3 children Bart, Lisa & Maggie. I love the way this book is presented through the characters viewpoint of events and how it incorporates classic scenes from some of the best episodes. I wanted this book back when I was a Simpsons fan in the 90's and I finally grabbed a copy at a used book store for around $1. Let's take a look inside and delve into the backstory of one of the most iconic animated families in television history....
I loved seeing these photos of Homer and Marge from before they had children. It really gives you a glimpse into the people they would become and how they got there. I may be getting too deep with this one, but it's always cool to see what your parents were like before you born. It gives you a deeper appreciation for them as people. Plus it's pretty surprising to see Homer's High School Certificate of Merit.
Here is where it all began. This was the start of the Simpsons clan. Baby Bart has finally arrived. I wonder if he got his name from the package shown on this page. Who would include that in a family scrapbook?
I included this page because of the El Barto Wanted poster. I always thought Bart was cool and strived to be an underachiever (and be proud of it). I gotta give Chief Wiggum some credit, he was pretty close with this sketch though.
"Bart's Dog Gets an F" was an early episode highlight for the Simpsons. It finally put the spotlight on Santa's Little Helper and the results were amazing. Who can forget when the family dog destroys Homer's new $125 pair of Assassins sneakers. Great scene, great episode & cool page in the Simpsons family album.
I just added this page because it reminds me of the day I first watched the Simpsons Christmas special when it aired on FOX 5 on December 17th, 1989. I watched it when it very first aired and I have been a fan of the show ever since.
This Simpsons Family Tree was especially interesting to me. If you follow the lines to the left you will see that Homer is actually related to Mr. Burns in some crazy way! Interesting stuff. I wonder if this book is cannon to the series? What a cool way to end this entertaining trip through the first few decades of the Simpsons Family History. Now enjoy where it all began with the first Simpsons short that aired on The Tracey Ullman show on April 19th, 1987.


  1. Very cool. The family tree would make a great poster.

    1. I agree. Who knows if any of that is true though? They are always tweaking timelines on the show.