Monday, February 20, 2017

Retro Reading Corner: Nickelodeon Magazine

A local book store was having a sidewalk sale. I dug through all the Little Golden Books and bootleg "Twilight" novels and finally found a bin filled with old magazines. I picked up a few old Sports Illustrated issues and this Nickelodeon Magazine from 2000 featuring a hot young talent named Britney Spears! You may have heard of her? Let's take a look inside!
First up is the comics section. This was always a highlight of Nick Magazine. I enjoyed the artwork and the humor that was funny on so many levels! Okay, maybe 1 level, but still good stuff! Why is that guy naked?
This issue was partly dedicated to celebrities and their pets. Spotlighted here are sports stars Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp and Teemu Selanne. Who knew hoops star Grant Hill's Mom wouldn't let him have pets as a kid? Poor guy.
As per Nickelodeon's educational responsibility to the public we have a page dedicated to facts about the elusive Giant Squid! The sidebar includes "Revolting But True" facts about why cockroaches eat panty hose and the drinking habits of the Sweat Bee!
Finally we get to the main feature of this issue of Nick Magazine, the exclusive in depth interview with Britney Spears! These respected and serious journalists dig deep into thought provoking issues with Miss Spears. Hard hitting questions like "Do you still live at home?", "Do you like cats or dogs?" and "What puts you in a bad mood?" are asked and answered. We really get a look into the core of Britney here.
And of course we have some great retro ads including a weird Cow tales one, the Nesquick Bunny and your chance to win an N64 from Kool-Aid! I don't care what the packaging, advertising or anyone says, to me it is still just "Quick" not "Nesquick". Am I the only one still holding onto this one? I tried Cow tales a long time ago and they were disgusting. The chewy outer part was fine, but when you mix it with the cream in the middle...not a good mix for my tatse buds! I wish Kool-Aid would run contests like this today. Maybe then I would own a PS4?

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