Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Comic Book Pick 9/28/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Tom Waltz (A/CA) Vincenzo Federici
The Armageddon Game Has Begun! Under the leadership of the Shredder, the TMNT begin a dangerous quest to seek out allies against Rat King's trio of terror: LeatherKrang, Baxter Stockman, and Madame Null. It's a mission that will see the Turtles spread out across New York City... and across multiple dimensions! But they better hurry, because their enemies are already on the march, and things are not looking good for Mutant Town while most of our heroes are away. Desperate measures, false flag attacks, mysterious new villains, and unexpected alliances... It all starts here in the premiere issue of the biggest TMNT event of the year!
SRP: $5.99
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Monday, September 26, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 9/26/22

 Throw on your darkest tinted shades and head to Lover's Lane as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: Mary J. Blige
Song: Reminisce
Album: What's The 411? (1992)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 57
Bonus Fun Facts: This song features a sample from the song "Stop, Look, Listen" by MC Lyte! The remix of this song features Pete Rock & CL Smooth!

Friday, September 23, 2022

New Retro Toy Store Discovery!

Recently a co-worker told me about a new retro toy shop that opened in town. You better believe that's where I took my lunch break that day. There was a ton of great stuff to look at and I had limited time to do so. I will have to go back and take a longer look at some of the stuff in this store. The prices were a little bit all over the place. Some things were priced too high and some were surprisingly affordable. In my haste to squeeze this trip in, I did find a few solid pick-ups in the comic book bins. Here is what I grabbed:
Gen 13 #1 (Image)
The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man #1 (Marvel)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #2 (Archie)
Ultimate Spider-Man FCBD #1 (Marvel)
I always love finding some sweet deals on new comic books and you know I couldn't leave without picking up a new TMNT item for the collection. I looked at their selection of vintage TMNT toys and saw a carded Venus for $150! The card was a little beat up and I already have the loose figure, so I passed this up and my wallet thanked me. As I continued looking around, I noticed randomly placed boxes of Non-Sport cards around the store, but something caught my eye more than the others...
Upper Deck Comic Ball Cards: Series #1
Upper Deck Comic Ball Cards: Series #2
Upper Deck Comic Ball Cards: Series #3
Upper Deck Comic Ball Cards: Series #4
Sealed packs of Upper Deck Comic Ball cards! I grabbed one pack from all 4 series for $1 each! I loved these cards as a kid. This was Space Jam before Space Jam existed. Once you collected the whole set, you were treated to a comic book style story that featured the Looney Tunes and some huge names from the 90's spots scene. Included were stars like Ken Griffey Jr., Reggie Jackson, Thurman Thomas & Jerry Rice to name a few. I remember pulling a Wile E Coyote hologram from one of these packs years ago and feeling like I was a Goonie that just discovered the Inferno! Loved these cards then and still love them now! Hopefully, I'll be back soon to see what other treasures I can uncover!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Comic Book Pick 9/21/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Akira Himekawa (A) Akira Himekawa
Sensing that total victory and the total destruction of Hyrule is within his grasp, Ganondorf unleashes his armies. Link, Midna, their friends, and many others they have met on their journey now fight side by side to save the land. Even some former enemies find themselves allied with Link as he presses on into the heart of Ganondorf's stronghold. When Link confronts Ganondorf, defeating him will take every ounce of skill and courage he has...
SRP: $9.99
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Monday, September 19, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 9/19/22

 Throw on your Phattest Earrings and head to the dance club as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: Zhane
Song: Hey Mr. DJ
Album: Pronounced Jah-Nay (1993)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 6
Bonus Fun Facts: This song includes a rap verse provided by Fam of the rap group Rottin Razkals!! This trio was featured on songs from several Naughty By Nature albums, including  19 Naughty III, Poverty's Paradise and IIcons!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Comic Book Pick 9/14/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Dan Slott, Various (A) Hikaru Uesugi, Various (CA) Josemaria Casanovas
SRP: $4.99
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Monday, September 12, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 9/12/22

  Throw on your Timberland Boots and head on a quest as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: A Tribe Called Quest
Song: Electric Relaxation
Album: Midnight Marauders (1993)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 65
Bonus Fun Facts: This song was used as the Theme to the WB show "The Wayans Bros." for it's first 2 seasons in 1995 & 1996!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Comic Book Pick 9/7/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Steve Orlando (A) Paul Fry (CA) Ken Lashley
The final battle for the Celestial Garden begins! Spider-Man vs. Norman Osborn! The X-Men vs. the Cabal! Two armies, two deadly enemies...and the keys to 2099's future up for grabs! It's a brawl for all: A brave new tomorrow for 2099 starts here!
SRP: $4.99
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Monday, September 5, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 9/5/22

 Throw on your Peace necklace and head to the funkiest place you can find as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: De La Soul
Song: Ego Trippin' (Part II)
Album: Buhloone Mindstate (1993)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: N/A
Bonus Fun Facts: This song includes a sample from the song "Harlem Hendoo" recorded by Al Hirt in 1967!!

Friday, September 2, 2022

80's Day 2022!

80's Day was something I started years ago to show my kids how cool the decade was. I share some of my favorite 80's music, movies, video games and food with them and they seem to really enjoy it! Typically we head out and take part in some activities that I liked to do as a kid. The recreation may not be 100% faithful to what life was like back in the 80's, but I feel like we did the best we could with the resources we had available. Here's a re-cap of what we did in 2022!
We started the day as most kids in the 80's did, eating cereal in front of the TV while watching cartoons! Here is what the lineup consisted of: The Legend of Zelda, Popples, M.A.S.K. and Blackstar! Every year I pick a semi-obscure cartoon from my youth for my kids to view. Of course they know He-Man, Ninja Turtles and Transformers, but they were all scratching their heads when Blackstar hit the screen. As was the case with the Centurions viewing last year, I don't think I created any new Blackstar fans. They correctly identified it as a "Bootleg Masters of the Universe" that was done by the same company, Filmation. Anyway, you can view the episode we watched at the YouTube link below:
After cartoons it was time to throw on some of our best 80's licensed character t-shirts, so we could go out and hit the town! Represented in my kids' attire were the Care Bears and The Legend of Zelda. I chose to wear my Mirage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt and my wife had her Jem shirt on. 
Looking good and ready for some adventure! We hopped in the van and the soundtrack for the day would be a random assortment of CDs containing some of the biggest hits from the 80's! My kids favorite, which led to a car ride sing along, was "The Goonies 'r' Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper!
Our first stop of the day was the local comic shop! I picked a Spider-Man book and let the kids each pick out an item. I know it's not 80's, but my twins each picked a pack of Pokemon cards and my oldest daughter grabbed a Stranger Things book. It had been a while since I had taken them to the comic shop and they had fun perusing the shelves and looking for something new to read and help with their overflowing Pokemon collection.
Next we went to the mall and hit up Gamestop to check out the latest games for our Switch and then we headed to the candy store. I let them each pick out a Pez dispenser and I grabbed some gummy bug candies. 
I love how the 80's was represented with everything from Warheads to Whatchamacallit candy bars to these awesome looking Golden Girls mints!
By this time we were ready for lunch, so we hit up McDonalds and the kids all grabbed cheeseburger Happy Meals, my wife got a spicy chicken meal and I got a Double Quarter Pounder Meal. Again, my kids were jumping with crazy joy to find out the toy this time around was Pokemon cards! Yay! More Pokemon cards!!! It was pretty cool that we did get the table with the video games built in though!
Usually we go home and play some retro NES, Super NES and Atari video games, but this year I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the local arcade. They rejected that idea, but they did suggest going to Chuck E. Cheese and playing some games there. Who am I to argue with that!
We actually had a ton of fun and they had some pretty cool games including Guitar Hero, Monopoly and of course Skee-Ball!
My kids had something like 5,000,000 tickets which was just enough for them to get a few Tootsie Rolls, some stickers and a small plastic Chuck E. figure. Next time maybe we'll stay for the show and grab some pizza!
Speaking of pizza, it was close to dinner time by the time we left Chuck's, so we stopped by an old 80's staple...PIZZA HUT!
We got a stuffed crust peperoni pizza and a traditional supreme pie. We were going to eat in the restaurant, but when we walked in we were told that due to the lack of staffing the dining area was closed! Oh well, I guess we'll take it home.
When we got home, we dished up and prepared for the night's feature presentation, the 1986 classic...Labyrinth! The kids had seen this movie before, but it had been a while and there was so much that they forgot about. They laughed and thoroughly enjoyed this masterpiece of a film by Mr. Jim Henson featuring catchy tunes by David Bowie. Overall it was another successful 80s day that was enjoyed by all. I know I say this every year, but hopefully next year we can make it bigger and better!

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Comic Book Pick 8/31/22

  The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Paul Allor (A) Katherine Lobo (CA) Keyla Valerio
THE LEGENDARY OMEGA RANGERS defended the universe from evil thousands of years ago, the six of them  using their elemental powers to protect others from sinister forces. But that all changed when one key member turned on the others, seduced by the death-defying powers of the Rangers' greatest foe. How does this Ranger connect to what's locked in the mysterious Omega Vault in Safehaven so many millennia later, as everything converges in the highly-anticipated CHARGE TO 100?
SRP: $7.99
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Monday, August 29, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 8/29/22

 Throw on your Orlando Magic Jersey and head to the candy shop as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!
Artist: 69 Boyz
Song: Tootsee Roll
Album: 199Quad (1994)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 8
Bonus Fun Facts: This song took 27 weeks to reach it's peak of #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! It did this in January of 1995!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Comic Book Pick 8/24/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff (A) Jay P. Fosgitt, Will Robson (CA) Carlos Pacheco
Marvel's Unsung Heroes finally get sung! After the mega-powered battles and Hulk-level catastrophes, Damage Control is always there to clean up the mess and get things back to normal. But Damage Control is much more than just a glorified cleanup crew, and this new series will pull back the curtain and reveal the secret inner workings that were previously only available to people with Clearance Level Eight. And we'll witness it all through the eyes of Gus: a fresh-faced, eager newcomer to the company who has no idea how chaotic his life is about to become. ADAM F. GOLDBERG (TV's The Goldbergs) and HANS RODIONOFF team up with WILL ROBSON to take you into the secret labyrinth of Damage Control, where it's totally common to run into familiar faces like Moon Knight! Nightcrawler! She-Hulk! And more! Plus: A second story by DAMAGE CONTROL creator Dwayne McDuffie's McSpouse, Charlotte Fullerton, as the Damage Control crew must clean up after the Infinity Gauntlet!
SRP: $4.99
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Monday, August 22, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 8/22/22

 Throw on your shades and vibe over to Philly as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: Boyz II Men feat. Treach, Craig Mack, Busta Rhymes & Method Man
Song: Vibin' (Remix)
Album: The Remix Collection (1995)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: N/A
Bonus Fun Facts: Allegedly, this album was released by Motown against Boyz II Men's wishes and eventually led the group to leave their record label!

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Comic Book Pick 8/17/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Philip Tan, Brian Haberlin (CA) Federico Blee (A/CA) Philip Tan, Daniel Henriques
In the not-too-distant future, the world will be just as it is today...only worse. Evil has permeated the very fabric of society, from the halls of government to the darkened alleyways. Will the heroes who once defended the downtrodden fail them now? Will a new generation rise, inspired by the last of the old? Who will be THE LAST SHADOWHAWK?
SRP: $3.99
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Monday, August 15, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 8/15/22

  Throw on your cut-off t-shirt and get some food as we take you back to the 80s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: Musical Youth
Song: Pass The Dutchie
Album: The Youth Of Today (1982)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 10
Bonus Fun Facts: This song covers parts of the song "Pass The Kouchie" by Mighty Diamonds. That song references marijuana culture whereas the lyrics for this song have been changed to "Pass The Dutchie" which allegedly is in reference to a Dutch Oven or food!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Comic Book Pick 8/10/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Ed Brisson (A) Kev Walker (CA) Leinil Francis Yu
In the near future, a young girl sees her family slaughtered by the deadliest and most feared hunter in the universe: a PREDATOR. Years later, though her ship is barely holding together and food is running short, Theta won't stop stalking the spaceways until the Yautja monster who killed her family is dead...or she is. Ed Brisson (IRON FIST, GHOST RIDER) and Kev Walker (DR. STRANGE, DOCTOR APHRA) forge a violent, heartbreaking and unforgettable new chapter in the PREDATOR saga not to be missed!
SRP: $4.99
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Monday, August 8, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 8/8/22

 Throw on your Kangol and head around the way as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: LL Cool J
Song: Around The Way Girl
Album: Mama Said Knock You Out (1990)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 9
Bonus Fun Facts: This song was LL Cool J's 1st top 10 single and features a sample from the song "All Night Long" by the Mary Jane Girls!

Friday, August 5, 2022

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Motion Picture Soundtrack

The year was 1990 and "Turtlemania" was in full swing. The Ninja Turtles had a crazy successful action figure line from Playmates, the Ninja Turtles animated cartoon was must see TV and the comics by Mirage and Archie were fire! The next major hurdle for the boys in green to conquer was the big screen! I remember finding out about this mind blowing movie while reading the BK Kids Club magazine that was given out at Burger King in the 90's. We got our "1st Degree Ninja Badges" in our meals and poured over the single photo featuring one of the Ninja Turtles in all his live action glory!
When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie dropped on audiences in March of 1990, my Dad took me and my brother to see this cinematic masterpiece and we loved every second of it. That year and many years after we were fully immersed in the Ninja Turtle marketing machine. We played the video games, ate the cereal, slept under the warmth of the bedsheets and of course rocked out to the official motion picture soundtrack!
We never did call that 900 number in the ad above, but we did own the soundtrack on cassette tape. I still have my original copy and the exclusive sticker that was included inside the packaging still holds a special spot in my old sticker album right next to some other radical renderings of the Turtle Boys.
I never did own the CD version of the TMNT soundtrack when I was a kid, but a few years ago I remedied that situation and bought a brand new copy off ebay for around $5 and yes, it came with another copy of the exclusive sticker! 
Since you're all here, we might as well take a peak inside the CD booklet and see what's within it's pages. Here we go!

I loved when CDs or cassettes would include the lyrics to songs. It was a great way to sing along and learn the words for yourself. I can still see myself and my brother sitting in what we dubbed as our "Nintendo Room" playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game on our Nintendo Entertainment system as we listened to the Ninja Turtles soundtrack on our Walkman cassette players. We would swap the NES controller back and forth. While one of us was playing, the other was jamming out to tunes by M.C. Hammer, Hi-Tek 3 and Partners In Kryme while reading the soundtrack insert. Those were fantastic times spent with my brother and that is one of the main reasons why I love this soundtrack so much. It is filled with personal nostalgia and it also features some bangin' 90's jams! 
Do you have any memories of owning or listening to the TMNT movie soundtrack? Do you have a favorite song on the album? Let us know in the comments below and as always...Thanks For Reading!

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Comic Book Pick 8/3/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Dan Slott, Various (A) Mark Bagley, Various (CA) Josemaria Casanovas
edge ('ej) noun - 1. outermost limit of an object - 2. the sharp side of a blade
The leading edge of the Spider-Verse brought you Spider-Gwen and Peni Parker. This final edge will introduce you to some of the most important characters in the future of the Spider-Verse...but it will also slice the final strand of the web. IN THIS ISSUE: SPIDER-MAN NOIR! ARANA'S NEW STATUS QUO! SPIDER-REX AND MORE!
SRP: $3.99
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Monday, August 1, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 8/1/22

 Throw on your oversized plaid shirt and get your hair braided as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: Coolio
Song: Fantastic Voyage
Album: It Takes A Thief (1994)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 3
Bonus Fun Facts: This song samples the song "Fantastic Voyage" by Lakeside and the music video was directed by F. Gary Gray!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Comic Book Pick 7/27/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Sophie Campbell (A/CA) Pablo Tunica
In the wake of the events of TMNT: The Armageddon Game-Opening Moves, Oroku Saki (the Shredder) has fully revealed himself to the Turtles. In order to counter the newest evil machinations of the Pantheon's trickster god, the Rat King, he seeks an alliance with the sons of his former archenemy, the late Master Splinter. But are the Turtles prepared to join forces with their merciless executioner from a past life? And is the Shredder truly ready to be redeemed? No matter the case, the Armageddon Game is fast approaching, and the only place to find the answers to these burning questions is in Northampton!
SRP: $3.99
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Monday, July 25, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 7/25/22

 Throw on your headphones, head to the studio and get your hair permed as we take you back to the 80s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: Eddie Murphy
Song: Party All The Time
Album: How Could It Be (1985)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 4
Bonus Fun Facts: This song was written and produced by Rick James, who also provides backing vocals! Allegedly this song was created as part of a $100,000 bet Murphy had with fellow comedian Richard Pryor!

Friday, July 22, 2022

My Personal History of Non-Sports Collecting

The year was 1987 and my favorite baseball team, the NY Mets, were fresh off a sensational World Series winning season and my Dad saw my brother and my interest peak in the sport. He decided a good way to get us acquainted with baseball and the players would be to buy us some packs of 1987 Topps cards. 
You know the set, the one one with the fantastic wood grain boarders. Well, little did he know that this decision would kick start my love for collecting cards. Every time we would stop by a convenience store, gas station or drug store, I would ask for a new pack of cards and the majority of the time my Dad would cave. It would be years later when I discovered the joys of collecting basketball cards with the 1990-1991 NBA Hoops set.
This newfound love of basketball kind of pushed baseball to the side and I started playing organized basketball and it became my favorite sport. My team won two championships and lost only 1 game in 3 years, I was even named to the all-tournament team as the best all-around "Power Forward"! Those were great times and even though I was big into sports at the time, another interest started to creep in and it all started in 1992 with the...
DEATH OF SUPERMAN! Yes, I had a few comics scattered around the house and yes, I did have a small collection of Secret Wars action figures, but it wasn't until this momentous occasion that I really saw what impact comic books could have on people and that story really began my comic collecting obsession. I had to read all the Superman books! Superman led to Batman, Batman led to Spider-Man, Spider-Man led to X-Men and not only did these comics lead to discussions on the play ground, but it also brought together kids who had never really hung out before. This was a type of pop culture that it seemed everyone had an opinion on and my mind was blown when during one of those meetings of the minds, one of my buddies whipped out his collection of Marvel Universe trading cards!
Two of my favorite hobbies were now together in one amazing package! They were cards, but they featured stats and bios of some of the greatest superheroes of the time! Just like my Dad when he bought us those 1987 Topps packs, these cards introduced me to so many fantastic creations that I had never heard of before and I wanted to know more which led to a deeper love of the comic genre.
I became a big collector of these cards when Marvel Universe Series 3 cards came out and I tried to collect the whole set. I had some of the holograms and came close, but ended up a few cards short. After series 4 of the Marvel Universe cards was released, my interest in collecting them kind of waned and I would pick up a few packs every now and then, but I wasn't as big of a comic card collector as I had been.
I've picked up a few cards recently, but my main focus is on the actual comics nowadays, but if the price is right I won't hesitate to buy a box of these magnificent relics from the era of the comic boom in the 90's. I've brought some of these boxes home for my kids to enjoy and to share with them that experience of discovering new characters via the art on these mini masterpieces and of course I am always happy to share my knowledge of comic book characters with my children. It's a nice little bonding experience for us that I hope they will remember for years to come.
Collecting these non-sports cards was a fairly big part of my childhood and although I am not into the hobby as much as when I was younger it still feels good to look through a stack of these cardboard wonders and relive that time when these characters were new to me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Comic Book Pick 7/20/22

  The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Sholly Fisch (A) Jason Crosby (CA) Joe Simko
For the first time ever, the "heavyweights of gross" have combined forces in a massive merchandising blitz that pits the Madballs against the Garbage Pail Kids-winner take all! As part of this blitz, Dynamite presents the comic book crossover of these iconic 1980s brands! For over three decades, Madballs and GPK have both been known as the "grossest of the gross," co-ruling counterculture with their pun-heavy names and subversive humor. This all-new limited series event presents the first time these two delightfully crude forces have ever crossed paths! Written by Sholly Fisch, each issue features three incredible covers by legendary Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko, series artist Jason Crosby, and a special trading card team-up cover created specially for this momentous meeting of the (depraved) minds! 
SRP: $3.99
Synopsis Provided By: 

Monday, July 18, 2022

Throwback Jam of the Week: 7/18/22

   Throw on your bandana, and head to the blacktop as we take you back to the 90s! Without further ado, here is the 20 Years Before 2000 THROWBACK JAM OF THE WEEK!

Artist: Salt-N-Pepa
Song: Shoop
Album: Very Necessary (1993)
Peak Billboard Hot 100 Position: 4
Bonus Fun Facts: This song features a guest verse by rapper Big Twan and the music video was filmed on Coney Island!

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Comic Book Pick 7/13/22

 The comic book I am most excited to read this week is...

(W) Tom Waltz (A/CA) Fero Peniche
The Rat King is scheming behind the scenes, and it will be up to the Shredder to find a way to stop the trickster god and his new trio of terror-Madame Null, Baxter Stockman, and LeatherKrang! Will the former master of the Foot Clan be able to locate the necessary counter-pieces to foil the Rat King's latest deadly gambit-or will chaos rule the day in NYC and Mutant Town? One thing's for certain: the answers won't be found in only one dimension. Longtime TMNT scribe Tom Waltz returns to the pages of IDWs ongoing canon in this official prequel to the massive TMNT event of 2022, The Armageddon Game!
SRP: $5.99
Synopsis Provided By: