Friday, August 18, 2017

The Original Man of Steel

Following the shocking Death of Superman in January 1993 the now classic "Reign of Supermen" story line began. This is where we were introduced to Cyborg Superman, Eradicator aka "Last Son of Krypton", Superboy aka Connor Kent and Steel!
John Henry Irons also known as the superhero Steel made his first appearance in the Adventures of Superman #500 and what a huge impact he made in the comic universe.
John Henry was a weapons engineer for AmerTek Industries, but when he found out that his weapon the Toastmaster BG-60 fell into the wrong hands and was responsible for many innocent deaths, he faked his own death to become a construction worker in Metropolis. While on a job John fell off a skyscraper and was saved by Superman who told him to "Live a life worth saving". When Superman died at the hands of Doomsday John built a suit, took up the mantle of Steel and tried to live up to that creed.
The character proved popular enough to spin off into his own series that lasted for 52 issues. At the height of Steel Mania a movie was produced featuring acting great Shaquille O'Neal.
The movie was extremely cheesy and used none of the elements that involved Superman at all. I understand that they tried to make this a standalone movie, but it definitely would have benefitted from the ties to Supes. Not even Shaft himself, Mr. Richard Roundtree could save this super hero movie.
I recently found a VHS copy of the movie at a second hand store for $0.50. I hadn't seen it since it was released back in 1997 and man, it is not good. It honestly could have been a good movie if the script was less cheese and more grit like the comic.
I think the biggest set back was the suit. How ridiculous is this thing. Do you really expect me to take it seriously? Needless to say the movie was a bomb!
Yes, there was a line of toys produced by Kenner. 
In my opinion the best thing to come from this failure of a movie was the Steel motion picture soundtrack! It had some big names on it including Blackstreet, Mobb Deep and Tevin Campbell. But the best track on tha album was "Men of Steel" performed by Shaq, Ice Cube, B Real, Peter Gunz & KRS-One. I blasted this track for a while. Take a listen to a sampling of the songs below.
 Maybe one day we will see a Steel 2? It couldn't be any worse than what WB is putting out now, could it?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Comic Book Pick: 8/16/17

This week the comic book I am most excited to read is...
After the thrilling events of FUTURE QUEST, a new age of adventure begins! First up, Space Ghost and his young wards Jan and Jace team up with the Herculoids to rebuild the mighty Space Force. Will they rise again to become defenders of the galaxy? Or is there something lurking in the shadows ready to stop them for good?
(W) Jeff Parker (A) Ariel Olivetti (CA) Steve Rude
SRP: $3.99
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Friday, August 11, 2017

NBC Preview Kit 98/99

During my quarterly tidying up of my office at work I discovered this "NBC Must See TV Primetime Preview 98/99" kit. It included a handful of photos from past NBC shows and also a magazine titled "Impressions" which highlights the best print advertising from local NBC affiliate stations. Below are some of the best pics I found within. ENJOY!
Star Trek (1966-1969) & I Spy (1965-1968)
History of "Saturday Night Live" (1975 - Present)
Michael Landon's TV Life
Bonanza (1959 - 1973), Little House on the Prairie (1974 - 1983) and Highway to Heaven (1984 - 1989)
Ads for local programming featuring "Freddy's Nightmares", "The Cosby Show", "The Facts of Life" & "DuckTales"
Ad for special report on "Teenage Satanism" from WXIA-TV/Atlanta, GA
I hope you enjoyed this bit of NBC history. There may be more to come!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Comic Book Pick: 8/9/17

This week the comic book I am most excited to read is...
A Hasbro comic book event! As Earth joins the intergalactic community, a massive explosion threatens the peace! A new COBRA-led by the worst villains to ever tangle with G.I. Joe, M.A.S.K., and the Transformers-is invading Cybertron and only Scarlett, Optimus Prime, G.I. Joe and the Autobots can save two worlds!" An all-new explosive chapter in the Hasbro comic book line! Literally! There are explosions!
(W) Mairghread Scott, David Rodriguez (A) Max Dunbar (CA) Freddie Williams II
SRP: $3.99
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Friday, August 4, 2017

2014 Ninja Turtles Movie Cards

In 2014 Paramount and Nickelodeon movies decided to have Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production company helm a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. I'm not going to lie, I was crazy excited for this movie. It had been years since we had a Ninja Turtles movie hit theaters and that one wasn't the greatest. I had seen the Michael Bay Transformers movies and for the most part I was entertained, this lead me to have some pretty unreasonable expectations for this new incarnation of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
As part of the marketing campaign, these sheets of trading cards were given out at select movie theaters. I was lucky enough to grab one of these sets. The artwork is pretty cool and leads me to ask the question, "Why was there never an official comic book adaptation of the movie released?".
The backs of the cards were puzzle pieces for you to put together after you tore the cards apart. I did not do that. I prefer to keep my set attached. Maybe one day I will frame it?
In addition to the 9 card set, these sweet tattoos were also given out! I did eventually see the movie in theaters in 3D. It was better than what I was expecting. I had heard so many bad things about the movie that even a halfway decent film would have surprised me. One of the best things to come from this movie was the song "Shell Shocked" performed by Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign. It's no "Ninja Rap", but then again nothing is or ever will be.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Comic Book Pick: 8/2/17

This week the comic book I am most excited to read is...
The Turtles journey to find a reclusive and indestructible empath- only to find that the assassin Hakk-R has found him first... and convinced him that the Turtles are the enemy!
 Directly ties in to the exciting events of the main series, "The Trial of Krang!"
 Continuing the events from Free Comic Book Day!
(W) Paul Allor (A) Pablo Tunica (CA) Nick Pitarra
SRP: $3.99
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Friday, July 28, 2017

A trip to the Antique Mall

I had a friend tip me off to a little Antique Mall just a few miles out of town. I went there this week to see what kinda of amazing retro treasures I could find. Unfortunately the place was filled with mostly old junk. Between the used romance novels, broken tools, lamp shades and 1987 Topps Baseball Cards I found these sweet items! Let's walk down the aisles and take a look.
7up Cool Spot Telephone: $10.00
In the early 90s Cool Spot the 7up mascot was everywhere. He even had his own Nintendo game! I love seeing this little guy when I go to these antique stores. Sure it makes me feel old, but it brings back some nice memories. I don't collect phones and I don't even have a land line that I could connect this to if I did, so I passed on bringing Mr. Spot home.
Incredible Hulk Peter Pan Album Cover: $1.50
I saw this album cover in a corner next to a power strip and freaked out a little. We used to have albums like this when I was a kid. We had everything from super heroes to Strawberry Shortcake to those Disney records with the pictures printed on them. I was a little disappointed to find that this was just an empty sleeve, but at least I saved myself a few bucks?

VTech Electronic Talking Baseball Game: $3.98
Anything with the words "Electronic" and "Talking" definitely gets my interest. I never had this toy as a kid, but wouldn't mind having it in my collection. I have quite a few old handheld electronic games at home. If it's there next time I go, maybe I will pick it up for the reasonable price of $3.98. Only problem is I couldn't tell if it worked or not. The "As is" tag kind of scares me off from buying toys like this.
Superman The Movie Beverage Mug: $9.95
I wanted this mug! The $10 price tag made me put it back on the shelf though. This would have been on my shelf at half that price. I love the old Christopher Reeves movies and this piece was in nice condition, but once again I really don't collect mugs. I'll pass and save my money for some more Superman trading cards or the elusive (to me) jar of Superman Peanut Butter! That baby has been on my wish list for a long time!

NAKI Super Nintendo Cleaning Kit: $?
This was a complete NAKI Super NES cleaning kit from the mid 90s. Everyone had something like this. Me and my brother actually had the official Nintendo cleaning kit for our SNES that was shaped like a SNES cart and actually did a pretty good job of cleaning our system whenever it would get a bad case of the blinks. I considered buying this, but it was in a locked case with no price tag in sight.

Masters of The Universe Golden Puzzle (Sealed): $9.95
This puzzle was the one item that I really fought putting back on the shelf. A SEALED MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE GOLDEN PUZZLE from 1984! I love the artwork and I am a huge MOTU fan, but I'm sure I couldn't justify this purchase to the wife. Maybe next payday?
I saw a few other things that I liked there like some McDonalds International Beanie Babies, some Domino's Pizza Hats and a Baby Mickey Mouse toy. All in all there was nothing incredible there, but I will be making a return trip sometime in the future. Ugh! Why did I not buy that He-Man puzzle?