Friday, April 12, 2019

Jordan in your Undies

I know this is not the typical post you would see here at 20 Years Before 2000, but hear me out. I went shopping for some undies last week and was looking around in the men's clothing section at Target when I noticed some of the Hanes packages were different than the others. On further examination the specially tagged briefs and boxers contained...
Packs of Michael Jordan Anniversary FLEER trading cards! These specially produced cards were made to celebrate 30 years of Michael Jordan endorsing Hanes underwear. They already had me hooked there, but throw in the chance to unwrap an autographed card and I wanted to take home every single one of these bonus packs! I got in the car and tore open the wrapper to find some pretty cool looking cards inside.
The cards feature Michael Jordan in a myriad of poses from his many Hanes commercials. The bottom 2 cards in the above picture actually have red foil backgrounds on them.
The backs of each cards feature facts about Jordan's Hall-of-Fame basketball career and a "brief" synopsis about the Hanes commercial on the front of each card. The overall design of each card is a tweaked version of the 1986-87 FLEER design which happened to be the set that included MJ's rookie card.
In addition to the base set and red foil parallel cards, there were also some All-Star hologram cards randomly inserted into these packs. I was able to pull this one from my pack. Once again the design is a revamped retro FLEER design and I really like it! It's clean, has a holographic background and it's colorful. the above scan really doesn't do this card justice. So if you are in the need of some clean undies and are a Michael Jordan fan, be on the lookout for these specially marked packages of Hanes underwear. You won't regret grabbing one or maybe even a pair!


  1. I love little promos like this.Events like this always stay In our heads ,years after.

    1. It's like being rewarded for buying something I was gonna pick up anyway!