Friday, July 24, 2020

Online Pick-(me)-ups!

Since this whole Corona Virus mess has hit our great country, myself and my family have been going out less and less. Most of the times it's just for grocery shopping. So in addition to being bored, I have had my regular urges to continue building my collections. Online buying can be addicting and sometimes I went a little overboard. Below are some of the most recent purchases I have made and I would like to share these with you, RIGHT NOW!
I did make a special trip to Wal-Mart so I could see if they had any of The Real Ghosbusters toy re-issues and I lucked out! I found the last two figures on the shelf which happened to be the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and my favorite RGB figure of all time, Slimer aka Green Ghost. I bought the carded E.T. figure and Bow from She-Ra at an online store. I picked up E.T. because he was cheap and Bow because I had always wanted one since this figure was released in the 80s. Did it bother anyone else back in the day that the Bow figure does not include his kick-ass mustache that was featured in the Princess of Power cartoon?
I spent hours looking through these magazines as a kid. My preferred publication of choice was either Tuff Stuff or Beckett, but these two mags from 1990 (Topps) & 1991 (Superstar & Rookie Special) still brought back so many memories of looking up card prices, reading about the "HOT" players and prospects and drooling over the Top 10 cards of the month. I bought these because I am a huge Bo Jackson fan and did not have either of them in my current collection, but the cool thing was that each of these magazines still had their bonus cards intact, but as is my luck there were no Bo Jacksons included. Still pretty AWESOME though!
Sports Cards
Speaking of cards, I discovered a website that was selling every card in their inventory for only 10 cents a piece! I spent around $30 on cards to add to my favorite team collections. Since I am a Jersey boy, these teams include the Mets, Jets, Nets and Devils. They also had some pretty cool non-sport cards, so I bought a few TMNT items and the above included DC Holograms. Beside collecting my favorite players and teams, I love finding oddball cards like the "Burger King All-Pro" set featuring Ron Darling & Steve Garvey! I wonder if BK will still honor that free Whopper coupon?
Men In Black Memorabilia Card
I included this card separately since it was from a different seller. I had been keeping my eye on these cards on ebay for a long time now and finally decided to pick one up. The price was right at $5 and now I can add this relic to my collection. Love the MIB movies and Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince is one of my all-time favorite rappers. Glad I finally got this authentic piece of an MIB agent suit for a fair price, around $5!
A few sites that I shop for comics at were running specials of 40% to 50% off all back issue orders. So, I pulled out my comic wish list and went to work. I like to collect books that have sentimental value to me or are of 80s & 90s properties that I enjoy. So when I was able to pick up the first issue of The Real Ghostbusters for $1.75 and add more books to my Marvel STAR collection, it was a no brainer (plus the wife gave me permission). Overall I knocked a bunch of books off my spreadsheet and I am one happy man!


  1. As an adult I can appreciate those cards that come included in magazines more than I did when I was a kid. The 1990 Topps border around that Topps mag is awesome! Congrats on the pick ups.

    1. Thank you and yes that little touch on the Topps magazine cover was not lost on me.

  2. I like your choice of comics, were those for reading, or just collecting? That original E.T. is really great too, it's nice to see something in a package that ISN'T a "throwback" of some sort.

    1. My hope is to get around and read these books. It's tough when the majority of my time is dedicated to my kids. I love the old stories and of course the ads!