Friday, September 11, 2020

New Additions to the TMNT Collection


Over the last few months I have succumbed to the addiction that is on-line shopping. Seriously, once you start you find so many other cool things and you just can't stop...that is until your wife reminds you that you have children and bills to pay. This realization led me to be pretty selective of what I've purchased recently and as a huge fan of the Green Machine there are a ton of options. So without wasting anymore time, here are the newest additions to my TMNT collection!
Hot Wheels TMNT Surfin' School Bus
I had seen these pop up on some of the blogs I follow, but I had been unable to locate them in person. Then one day on a trip to Walmart, I spotted them in the toy car aisle. I grabbed the Surfin' School Bus because the packagin features all 4 Turtles and the design most closely looks like the original Party Wagon from the 80s Playmates toy line.

IDW Comics
If you are a Turtles fan and have not read this comic book series by IDW, then you are missing out on some very cool stuff. The artwork is excellent, the stories are solid and the fact that this series is building it's own universe is AWESOME! The owner of my local comic shop knows that I am a die hard TMNT fan, so any time he gets any of the variants or Retailer Incentive covers, he sets them aside for me. He's a pretty cool guy and I appreciate him helping me build my TMNT comic collection.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dorbz
I really enjoy these cool little figures put out by Funko. When one of our local Hastings stores was closing years ago, I was able to grab Leo, Donny & Raph for around $2.50 each. It wasn't until a few weeks ago where I would make the family whole again and picked up Mikey off ebay for about $8. Now there is no stopping these Ninja Teens!
TMNT II Signed Film Presentation
This item was something I discovered on the site for Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman. He was offering up these radical items that feature a reproduction mini poster, film strip and autograph mounted as you see above. I had a discount code and got this fairly cheap. When the item arrived at my home I was excited to check it out, but when I opened the package, the item was scratched and some of the ink on the mini poster was smudged. I contacted Team Eastman and they replaced the item immediately and let me keep the damaged item. Excellent customer service from an all around nice dude. If you want to see more of what is available from Kevin Eastman Studios, you can check out his store by clicking HERE.
There are still a few more TMNT items I recently picked up that I would like to share with you, so check back next Friday for "New Additions to the TMNT Collection: Part II"!


  1. I was never a GIANT fan of TMNT but always liked them. That documentary on the creators was pretty awesome. From tossing a couple of ideas around to pop culture icons!

    1. I know! How many things fell into place to make these 4 martial arts terrapins into a global phenomenon for over 35 years!

  2. I keep meaning to look into those newer books, but always forget about them whenever I'm somewhere has comic books.

    1. In the begining when I found out that IDW messed with the origin, I was skeptical. But as I kept reading, the stories and art we really good. It's a pretty good read for any fan of the TMNT!