Friday, April 1, 2022

Remembering Fast Food Glasses

Back in the 80's & 90's every fast food restaurant had an array of high end glasses for sale in an attempt to get customers to saunter through their doors in hopes that they would keep returning to finish the whole set and buy some food & drink while at the establishment. Some of the most fondly remembered of these glasses include Star Wars, E.T., The Muppets, Garfield and of course Batman! On the rare occasion that my parents would take us to one of the restaurants, I always fawned over these sweet looking glasses with amazing artwork, but alas, we never ended up taking any home! Recently, my wife was at a community yard sale and found some of these glasses for a fairly cheap price. She picked them up thinking the kids would love them, little did she know that I would be the one who would be using them every night during dinner! Below you can view the small collection of glasses that currently hang out in our kitchen cabinet.
Care Bears from Pizza Hut (1983)
Pizza Hut gave us all one heck of a deal with these Care Bear glasses. You could get 2 glasses for 99 cents with the purchase of any Pizza Hut pizza! That is a freakin' steal! There were 4 glasses in total and the set included Funshine, Tenderheart, Grumpy and Cheer Bear. I just need 1 more to complete the collection!
Peanuts "Camp Snoopy" from McDonalds (1983)
These glasses were 49 cents with the purchase of any Coca-Cola drink at McDonalds in the early 80's. There were 5 in total and I have 2 of them. The glasses are nice and as the commercial says, they were designed by Peanuts creator Charles Shulz himself, but the real star here is a brand new animated Peanuts commercial featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy & Sally. We need more great promotions like this!
Smurfs "Happy Smurfday" from Hardee's (1983)
Hardee's went all out with this promotion and dubbed July 25th as "Smurfday"!. The glasses were available until September 4th at their restaurants, but they also offered a new drink just for the occasion! This drink was called "Smurfberry Punch". I have no idea what it tasted like, but it looked like a fruit punch sort of drink. Wonder if we'll ever see this return?


  1. I remember the Smurf glasses at Hardees. Only time I ever wanted to go there and still think of Smurfs on the rare occasion I see a Hardees. I don't recall the Peanuts glasses. Those are awesome.

    1. I loved the Smurfs when I was young, but never had any of these glasses! Probably because I was too young and they probably would have been smashed in seconds. My Mom was smart and only gave in and got us the plastic He-Man cups from Burger King!

  2. Had a complete set of those Smurfs glasses until my mother broke one of them. Also had a few of the Camp Snoopy ones.

    If you watch the 1984 film Moscow on the Hudson you will see a huge banner and display of the Camp Snoopy campaign behind the Robin Williams character when he's employed at a McDonald's.

    1. If I ever watch it, I will keep a keen eye for that display!