Friday, December 16, 2016

Here comes Vader Claus!

In 2009 the magic of Christmas reached a galaxy far, far away and thus Vader Claus was born! Produced by Funko, this amazing Holiday Darth Vader Bobble Head just screams Christmas. Look at him, he is the baddest of bad guys and yet through the magic of the season he is ready to offer you a gift.
Every year when the Christmas decorations come out, this dark lord of the Sith always finds a special spot in our house...and then my wife moves it to the shelf next to the back door. I wonder what kind of gift Vader would give? Is it a do it yourself lightsaber kit? A kowakian monkey-lizard? Maybe a nice hand knitted sweater? The possibilities are endless and baffle my mind!
The art on the back of the box only makes me happier! Look at how happy Han and Luke are to receive gifts from their arch nemesis. I imagine that when they open these boxes that they will explode, sort of like a gift from Jokey Smurf. Oh how silly those Rebels will look with soot all up in their faces!
I really do enjoy this Vader Bobble head. The sculpt is great as usual from Funko and it's a Star Wars decoration for the holidays. What's not to like?

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