Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pop Culture League: The End

This morning I checked out Cool & Collected's website to see what the assignment was for the League to write about this week. Instead I found this surprising message:
"Last week, the League wrote about things they would do differently if given the opportunity. The Pop Culture League was a “Do Over” itself, in that it was reborn from the ashes of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. As with its predecessor, the Pop Culture League has had a good run, but it’s time for me to tuck it into bed and let it slumber for a while. I have so much respect for all the bloggers who contributed, and every week was a fun and enlightening trip down various rabbit holes.
For most of us, our blogs are a side hobby, not our jobs, and as such, real life tends to take precedence over our online contributions (as it should!). Lately, my schedule outside of the blog has filled up and pulled me away more often than I would care to admit, and I just don’t feel like I can ask others to contribute to the League when I can’t find the time to contribute myself. So, it’s time to put the League into a deep cryogenic sleep once more, maybe to be reawakened by some future dystopian society.
As the holidays are fast approaching, I want to thank all of you for being a part of this grand experience and hope you all have an awesome 2017 — you guys rock!"
I can't say that I'm not disappointed to not have the League around anymore, but I completely understand and respect Brian for what he has done for not only my blog but the blogs of the other members. So in closing I would like to say a huge "Thank You" to Brian! I will continue to follow and read my fellow League member's pages as I hope they will do for me and I am grateful for my time in the Pop Culture League. It was fun while it lasted and I am proud to call myself a member of the Pop Culture League!


  1. I to was saddened by the news but I do understand why he closed it. Don't worry I'll keep visiting your blog. :)

  2. Thanks for being a big part of the League. It was fun!

  3. I started a new challenge on my page- I'd love to have you post