Monday, December 12, 2016

Pop Culture Challenge: The Do Over

Last week the Pop Culture League wrote about the great heroes of our Universe, so naturally as a follow up this week's challenge is to write about a “Do over. If you could do it all over again…" Obviously, like most people I have made some mistakes in my life. You live and you learn. But this is a pop culture blog, so I will skip all that life lesson stuff and jump into one of my biggest collecting regrets....Subscription boxes!
I have always wanted to pull the trigger on ordering one or more of these subscription boxes. These companies like Loot Crate pack a box full of collectible goodies and send them to your house for as low as $15. The price does go up based on what plan you pick and how many items are in each box.
The problem with a lot of these subscription services is that you don't know what you will be getting each month, and that kind of scares me. I know anything that I didn't want to keep from the boxes, I could regift to a friend or my brother, but it's the fear of the unknown that keeps me from ordering.
I totally regret my decision after I see the treasures that are packed into each box, but by that time it is too late. If you are in the market to purchase one of these boxes for yourself or as a gift, I suggest checking out TMNT Box, Nerd Block, Legion of Collectors or Dino Drac's Fun Packs.
The Dino Drac Packs are the boxes I regret not grabbing the most! Each month Dinosaur Dracula offers up one of these AWESOME packs for $25. He let's you know what's inside each month so there are no surprises and it is full of retro gold! I wish I would have jumped on this train when it started years ago. Now I am lost in the regret of what could have been.
Here is what the other League members would like to do over:
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  1. Iv thought about doing the Marvel pop box but I just dont want a bunch of junk and possibly 1 good thing for the price they charge. I would be better if I could know ahead of time what would be in the box.

  2. Never once regretted skipping on this "fad" of collecting. The only thing blind box subscription buyers prove to me is that way to many people have too much expendable money. 90% of the box (in my opinion) is nickle and dime crap destined for the trash can. It's only the Pop's that have any real appeal, and those boxes are way too much.

    1. You are right. I can take that $25 and put it towards something I know I will like, but the mystery just keeps driving me back!

  3. The pop boxes and dino drac ones are the ones that always tempt me, sadly with my limited income it is not possible lol.

  4. I think you're better off spending your money on the one thing you want, rather than getting piles of stuff you don't want, even if it means hunting eBay for a while after you would have received the box...

  5. I bought one Walking Dead sub box. Canceled immediately. Now there is a new sub with exclusive 5 inch figure. Can't pull the trigger again. Fool me once....

  6. I'm sometimes tempted by subscription boxes, but I don't think I've ever seen an unboxing where I genuinely would have wanted everything in the box. I figure it's easier to just find the really awesome items send hand later...

  7. I know the Pop Culture League has come to an end, but with Brian's blessing we have taken up a weekly challenge over ar called the Retro Revival Blog Challenge.

    Check out the first challenge here: