Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Pop Culture Challenge: Space Marines

To get the Pop Cultures creative juices flowing this week, Cool & Collected dropped this topic on us "Space marines. Pop culture’s peacekeepers of the future." Obviously the first thing that popped into my mind were the soldiers from the Aliens movies. I do enjoy the Aliens franchise, but I am not a collector of the merchandise. But then I took a look at the last part that said "Pop culture’s peacekeepers of the future." and one name popped into my head...Captain Power!
On September 1st, 1987 this magnificent hero was dropped on the unsuspecting public!
He was tough, he was shiny and his Soldiers of the Future were human kinds last hope against the Bio-Dreads! You see by 2132 ad our worldwide military force was replaced by the Bio-Mechs. Of course crazy Dr. Taggart believe a man/machine hybrid was the next step to evolution. The robots become self aware, the Metal Wars ensue, humans lose and Captain Power fights for the rights of all future humans!
The show only ran for 22 episodes. I don't know why? It was a great premise, the characters were cool, the bad guys were robots and your Captain Power toys could interact with the actual television show as you watched it! How sweet is that?
I remember seeing these ads all over the comic pages. I thought it was an AWESOME idea, but I could never find the show on air. The only instructions I had were "Watch for the futuristic military adventures of Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future on TV this fall". I never saw an episode of the show and my interest waned onto other things.
The only merchandise I owned from this show as a kid was a pair of glow-in-the-dark sneakers and issue #1 of the comic book. The Captain Power action figure was always on my wish list though.
I was never able to find him for a reasonable price, until recently I spotted something shiny & bold calling me to a hanging grab bag at the local Goodwill store. Could it be?
IT WAS!! I found Captain Power detained in a grab bag filled with broken toys and other cheap crap! I made it my mission to save him! For $2 I picked him up and he is now a part of my vintage toy collection. I am glad to have this piece to my collecting puzzle finally in hand. It brings back so many memories. Now let's watch the show!
Here are some other League Members take on the "Space Marines" topic:


  1. I had this VHS tape, and for the longest time didn't know that there was a second episode on it until one day I was watching it, and didn't get up for a few minutes to turn it off. So surprised when the second episode started.

  2. I miss my Captain Power figure! I had him and the playset like base thing. It was a great idea and I think the issue with it was that it was ahead of its time!