Friday, January 5, 2018

Kevin Eastman Fan Club

I make it no secret that I am a huge Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan! So when I kept seeing posts pop up on my Twitter feed with the option to purchase autographed TMNT figures from the personal collection of Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman, my interest was piqued. I tried a few times to grab one, but they sold out within hours. Finally I was able to get one...
Head Droppin Leonardo made it to my house within a few weeks of purchase and he is AWESOME! I tried to find a figure I currently don't own that I could add to my collection. He was on sale, but I can see the prices for these items scaring off potential customers. Even with the discount he was around $50. At least they added in a few Topps TMNT cards as a bonus!
As you can see, this is a used figure that Kevin Eastman hand signed himself across the chest. The accessories for the figures are not always the correct ones that belong to the character, but I am glad some were included at all. The box design is nice and includes some Kevin Eastman artwork. 
Along with the figure, I also became a member of the Kevin Eastman Fan Club. My 6 month membership cost $30, but it included some comics...
This foam board was on the top of the box when I opened it and was meant to protect the comic books inside. I don't know who scribbled this on the front, but I'm hoping it was Kevin Eastman himself. That would be RADICAL!
The foam board did it's job and my comics arrived without a dent, scratch or tear. I have a massive collection of TMNT comics spanning from the Mirage run to Image comics to the new IDW series, but I did not have these in my collection yet. The comics are IDW issue #73 Comics and Ponies Retailer Exclusive variant and IDW issue #69 El Paso Comic Con Exclusive Variant. I would have paid almost $30 for these comics alone online...
The cool thing was that issue #73 was signed by Kevin Eastman with a little turtle head sketch.
The prices for these figures right now run anywhere from $67 to almost $200! I'm glad I've added this piece to my collection, but unless the prices go down a little bit more this will be my only Kevin Eastman turtle added to my collection. If you are interested in grabbing one of these Turtles or one of their friends & foes visit Kevin Eastman Studios at 


  1. Nice grab! Definitely a one of a kind item.

    1. I love it and I am wanting to just create a shelf in my basement dedicated to all the great TMNT stuff I have in my collection! Just need to find the time to do it!