Friday, January 19, 2018

More Comic Book Ads from the 90s!!!!

Found another cool Marvel relic from the nutty 90s at the Dollar Tree the other day! Seriously, who would pass up a visual representation of Captain America as a werewolf fighting the ultimate militant mutant from the future, Cable for just $1! I was sold. But as with any comic from the 80s & 90s some of the greatest content within the covers is the fantastic advertising that is inside. Let's take peek, shall we?

The Adventures of Apple and Cinnaman
Ah, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, I was sold on this product before the true dynamic duo of Apple and Cinnaman were introduced. The taste of these unsinkable Os was amazing, and everyone wanted a piece of the deliciousness! Who could save us from these cereal stealing fiends? Apple and Cinnaman of course! In all honesty, I really don't remember this advertising campaign from the early 90s, but after watching a few commercials I can definitely see the genius behind it. Here is an example...

Marvel Universe Trading Cards Series III
Who didn't collect these cards back in the 90s. I had missed the first 2 series of Marvel Universe cards, so Series 3 was the real jumping on point for me. The artwork was fantastic, the card design was epic and the stats on the back...OH BOY!!! Now we finally had the metrics to back up our claims that Major Victory could mop the floors with Night Thrasher! Oh and also...HOLOGRAMS!

American Comics & Entertainment
I always loved looking at these ads and seeing what they had to offer on the cheap. This ad stands out because of the inclusion of the picture from the 1992 Marvel Swimsuit Special! Remember those? Why don't they make them anymore? I mean, how have we lived so long without a Marvel Swimsuit Special and missing great content like this... 

Battletoads Nintendo Awards Ad
I loved this game! Eventhough it was hard as hell and super frustrating in co-op mode, the charm of these three transcendent toads was enough to make me a fan and rack up the rental fees. With all the knocks against this game it's surprising to see that it grabbed so many awards including the 1991 Nintendo Power Award for "Best Overall Game". I mean it was up against Tecmo Super Bowl, Ninja Gaiden III, StarTropics and Starwars! I just revisited this game recently. I played for about 5 minutes, got my nostalgia on and eventually swapped the cartridge out so I could play DuckTales instead. 

Thanks for checking out another blog article about comic book ads. I hope you haven't seen some of them before and they spark some nostalgia in your dome. If you see some of these bargain comics at the Dollar Tree, I highly suggest you grab some up. They may be a little beaten up, they may not be the best stories, but $1 for a trip down memory lane is totally worth it!

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