Friday, April 20, 2018

Retro Reading Corner: TMNT ABC's for a Better Planet

Since this Sunday is Earth Day, I figured that I would bust out this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book from 1991 and give you guys a few pointers on how to help make the Earth a better place.
This book is chock full of great tips and ideas from the greenest guys I know on how to be a responsible inhabitant of our planet. Below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!
F is for Fast Food
I is for Ivory
L is for Litter
P is for Pesticides
R is for Remember to Recycle Rubbish
Hopefully these lessons will help you have an eventful Earth Day this year. Now get out there, plant a tree, enjoy the nice weather and always remember the lesson Ya Kid K taught us to be green and keep it clean!


  1. I had this book so long ago it's great!

    1. I hope you learned a thing or two on how to save the planet! I did.