Friday, December 14, 2018

A look at EVEN MORE ornaments!

Christmas is almost here! It is one of my favorite times of the year! I actually got all my shopping done recently for my kids and my family back home. I am so glad I have no last minute shopping to do...I think? One of the best parts of the season is going out with the kids and picking out a tree for our home. Then my wife puts up the lights! She is so specific about how the lights have to look, that I don't even ask if I can help anymore. After the lights are up then it's time for the best part... the ornaments! Each year we purchase a new ornament to put on the family tree. Here are some of my faves that we have amassed over the years.
Buzz Lightyear aka Small Fry (Hallmark, 2013)
The Grinch Steals Christmas (Hallmark, 2008)
Apprentice Mickey Sorcerer's Hat (Disney Parks, 2014)
Rainbow Brite (Hallmark, 2016)
TMNT Raphael (Carlton, 2016)
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments. Now, get your tree ready for Santa, enjoy the holidays and open some presents! Merry Christmas! BTW, here are some great Christmas commercials from the 80s for your viewing pleasure!
Check out some more awesome ornaments from 2017 & 2016!


  1. That Rainbow Brite Is pretty cool!

    1. Thanks! I bought that for my wife a few years ago.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Me and my kids picked this one out after watching the "Small Fry" Toy Story short!

  3. I loved looking at he all the ornaments when I was a kid. Hallmark has always been the gold standard for me. In recent years I search for deeply discounted ornaments on December 26th. Hallmark had some amazing Nintendo ornaments this year, but I doubt I’ll find any on the clearance racks.

    1. Yeah, those licensed ornaments move pretty fast, especially when they are on clearance.